Why can the rolling steel online diameter gauge test the hot-rolled round steel at 1000 °C?

Rolling steel diameter gauges are widely used in steel production lines, and can also be used for online detection of hot-rolled steel. The temperature around 1000 ° C is very high. How does the diameter gauge measure the diameter of steel at close range? Let’s see below one time.


steel bar measurement, diameter gauges


1. Light problem

Rolling steel caliper is an optical measuring device, which mainly relies on the shadow formed by light irradiation on the rolled material to detect the outer diameter. However, the high-temperature rolled material has a high temperature, and most of them will emit red light. The 520nm fixed wavelength light source and the corresponding filter lens used by the caliper only collect 520nm green light, so the high-temperature rolled material will not affect the detection of the caliper.


2. High-temperature problem

2.1, non-contact

The rolled steel caliper is a non-contact caliper, which does not touch the hot-rolled round steel, which also provides a prerequisite for detection.


2.2. Cooling and dust-prevention

The caliper is cooled by a combination of air-cooled and water-cooled. At the same time, the positive pressure split-flow cooling and dust-proof technology is used to reduce the temperature of the caliper and also to blow away impurities such as scale, dust, and water vapor. clean.


2.3, Shell protection

The steel rolling caliper adopts a cast iron structure to protect the internal components of the caliper and ensure the stable operation of the rolling caliper.


2.4. Steel guides

The independent steel passing guide is adopted and the rolling line guide groove is directly used, and the passing steel parts are neither connected nor contacted with the caliper. The impact and vibration of the steel guide groove will not affect the caliper, which reduces the factors that cause the caliper to fail and saves the purchase and management costs of the special guide groove. It reduces the impact so that the measured steel will not directly hit the probe, resulting in inaccurate measurement outside the measurement range, or even damaging the probe.


2.5. Installation of industrial computer

The industrial computer system is the brain of the caliper, and the computer is installed in a place close to the caliper and in a good environment.

Rolling steel diameter measuring instrument is used in various hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel products to detect the outer diameter. It is not afraid of high temperatures and harsh environments. It is also indispensable testing equipment for quality testing in steel rolling production.

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