What role do intelligent measuring instruments play in intelligent steel plants?

Building a smart steel plant requires the cooperation of various smart devices, and smart measuring instruments are among the testing equipment responsible for monitoring quality and are an important part of the smart steel plant. DBM has developed and produced multiple series of geometric dimensional intelligent measuring instruments for steel mills and developed intelligent industrial collection management software, all of which can be used in rolling steel mills.




Steel mill testing standards


It mainly includes intelligent analysis of components such as molten iron and molten steel; intelligent detection and prediction of the shape, contour, surface, and mechanical properties of long steel products, flat steel products, and other standards. It is mainly used to ensure product quality in the steel industry and promote the application of intelligent technology in inspection and testing and real-time process optimization.

The DBM intelligent measuring instrument mainly detects the shape, contour, surface defects and other information of steel. For example, the calliper measures the outer diameter ovality, the rebar calliper measures the inner diameter, and transverse and longitudinal rib height, the width meter measures the width, and the thickness meter measures the thickness. , the length measuring instrument measures the length, the straightness measuring instrument measures the straightness, the side length measuring instrument measures the side length of the angle steel and square steel, and the profile meter measures the profile size, appearance size, surface defects and other information. They are all online testing equipment that can intelligently analyze testing data.


Steel rolling shop standards


It mainly includes standards for intelligent integrated management and control systems in steel rolling workshops; and technical requirements for control systems such as temperature, size, shape, etc. for long steel, flat steel and other steel rolling production processes. It is mainly used to standardize the technical requirements for intelligent improvement and transformation of steel rolling production processes and to ensure the standardization of system integration and intelligent manufacturing processes in the construction of steel rolling workshops.

Intelligent measuring instruments can transmit real-time detection data to any device or system with corresponding interfaces. It is convenient for the control system to obtain real-time steel data for closed-loop control, and for the system to obtain data information for unified management to achieve standardized and intelligent rolling.


Whole process quality control standards


It mainly includes technical requirements for quality control systems such as real-time process parameter monitoring, product quality prediction, and online quality judgment in the production and manufacturing process; quality control platform construction requirements such as quality big data analysis, product quality playback and traceability, and other standards. It is mainly used to guide the construction of management systems such as quality responsibility determination, judgment and optimization in the steel industry, and to achieve full-process quality supervision, quality inspection business integration and traceability of quality issues in the steel industry.

The intelligent measuring instrument is equipped with a measurement and analysis software system, which can perform high-frequency measurements and obtain a large amount of data. By analyzing and charting the detection data, it is supported by a large amount of detection data, making it easier to find periodic problems. At the same time, it can perform image and digital analysis. It is stored in various forms and can be exported in table form to facilitate the traceability of quality issues. In addition, in addition to the measurement and control software system that comes with the measuring instrument, an industrial data collection and analysis system can also be customized for steel plants. In addition to realizing various functions of the measuring instrument itself, Various required functions are also customized according to needs to achieve full-process quality control.

In short, when building a smart steel plant, smart measuring instruments, as important equipment for quality inspection, are indispensable equipment in the steel plant. It not only improves the level of automation and intelligence but also is one of the key equipment for quality inspection to reduce scrap.

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