What is an intelligent online diameter gauge for steel rolling?

Steel rolling has always been the focus of development. From the rough rolling equipment at the beginning to the current automated and intelligent production line, the rolling production line has undergone generation after generation of upgrades. Under the modern and intelligent production and rolling mode, the intelligent diameter gauge is also widely used in circular steel rolling production lines, such as high-speed wire, rebar, round steel, steel pipe, etc.


steel rolling, online diameter gauge


What is a steel rolling online diameter gauge?

This type of intelligent calliper is mainly an outer diameter and ellipticity testing equipment developed for the production line in the harsh environment of rolling steel. It can be installed on the production line to detect the outer diameter and ellipticity. Inspect the dimensions of transverse ribs and longitudinal ribs, and at the same time obtain partial surface defect information such as wrong rolls and ears.

Working principle of online diameter gauge

In the principle of photoelectric detection, the emission lens has a built-in point light source, and the light emitted by the point light source passes through the lens system (that is, the lens group) to form a collimated parallel light field of view. The collimated parallel light directly shoots to the receiving lens, after passing through the lens system in the receiving lens, it is focused and then forms an image on the CCD chip after passing through the aperture at the focal point. When the measured object passes through the field of view, a shadow with clear boundaries will appear on the CCD at the part blocked by the measured object. The shadow can be obtained by various treatments to obtain the outer diameter size.


Working principle of online diameter gauge


As a steel rolling gauge, it is far from enough to measure the outer diameter. Therefore, the eight-axis measuring head is used to complete the full-section detection of the steel, so that the accurate ellipticity size can be obtained, and a clear and accurate cross-section can be obtained. Graphics, so that the staff can better understand the current status of rolling steel.


Intelligent Caliper Parameters

Product model: JG08/Z-DG40-A;
Measuring range: 0-40mm;
Measured object diameter: 1-30mm;
Round steel measurement accuracy: ±0.01mm;
Rebar measurement accuracy: ±0.05mm;
Repeatability: 0.005mm;
Measurement frequency: 500/2000Hz;
Dimensions (L×W×H): 1490×320×1160mm;
Weight: 750 kg.

Product model: JG08/Z-DG70-A
Measuring range: 0-70mm;
Measured object diameter: 1-55mm;
Round steel measurement accuracy: ±0.02mm;
Rebar measurement accuracy: ±0.07mm;
Repeatability: 0.01mm;
Measurement frequency: 500/2000Hz;
Dimensions (L×W×H): 2140×360×1800mm;
Weight: 1000 kg.
Product model: JG08/Z-DG90-A
Measuring range: 0-90mm;
Measured object diameter: 1-70mm;
Round steel measurement accuracy: ±0.025mm;
Rebar measurement accuracy: ±0.08mm;
Repeatability: 0.01mm;
Measurement frequency: 500/2000Hz;
Dimensions (L×W×H): 2340×380×2000mm;
Weight: 1200 kg.

Features and functions of the intelligent calliper

(1) Display content

LCD display in the main control room: the maximum/minimum diameter, average value, and ellipticity of the pipe section; the sub-item measurement values of each probe; the set steel pipe length, speed, nominal diameter, upper and lower tolerances, etc.; size fluctuation trend forecast (After inputting the length and speed of the steel pipe, it can correspond to the position of the outer diameter in the pipe), and the defect analysis curve.

Real-time display of pipe length changes, real-time pipe temperature values, maximum and minimum values and out-of-tolerance dimensions at the specific position of the pipe, and the cursor can be displayed when the cursor moves to the corresponding position; real-time display of the dynamic trend of measurement data.

When the measured data fluctuates within the set range, the data is green; when the measured data is out of tolerance (that is, beyond the set range), the colour of the data is red.

(2) Software function

Product parameter setting: parameters such as product specifications, and positive and negative tolerances can be set;
System parameter setting: you can set the faulted channel, communication port, system zero calibration, etc.;
Data storage: data recording, data export to EXCEL, historical data query, the storage time is more than 3 years; the size at a certain moment can be queried, and the time is accurate to the second.
Alarm setting: You can set the alarm thresholds for over-tolerance, equipment over-temperature, and pipe over-temperature alarms;
Correction function: automatic/manual, calibrate after inputting thermal expansion coefficient.
Automatic temperature coefficient correction: with a temperature acquisition interface, it can be connected to an external pyrometer and automatically adjust the thermal expansion coefficient through the collected temperature (need to configure a thermometer).

(3) Alarm function

Out-of-tolerance alarm: colour warning of relevant data in the main control room and sound and light alarm of the alarm.
Caliper over-temperature alarm: the main control room alarm sound and light alarm.
Pipe over-temperature alarm: sound and light alarm from the alarm in the main control room.

(4) Communication interface

TCP/IP protocol, optical cable transmission, from the calliper to the host computer.
TCP/IP protocol, optical cable transmission, host computer to the on-site LED screen.

(5) Intelligent function (optional intelligent module is required)

A SIM card can be inserted to realize remote communication with the server (with the customer’s permission, optional);
Intelligently capture the best measurement position and automatically adjust the height;
Intelligently monitor the temperature of the body, and intelligently start and stop the self-circulation cooling system and the start and stop of the external fan according to the actual temperature of the body;
Monitor the temperature of the measured object and intelligently calculate the expansion coefficient according to the temperature of the measured object (the optional thermometer is required);
Intelligently monitor the cleanliness of the lens, and automatically prompt “please maintain” when maintenance and wiping are required;
With system self-test function, regular self-tests to ensure the stability of the system and the accuracy of measurement data;
Intelligently monitor the size of the circulating air volume, and automatically prompt when the air volume is not up to standard;
It has the function of remote upgrade, and prompts to upgrade when there is an updated version of the software;
The measurement data can be observed in real-time through the mobile APP;
It can provide data docking services with customers’ MES, ERP, PDA and other systems (need to provide communication protocols);
It can be connected to the actuator to realize closed-loop control (the actuator needs to be demonstrated).

The use of intelligent calliper

Turn on the power, set the basic parameters of the measured object and save it. If the model of the measured object measured this time is the same as the last measurement, this step can be ignored; click to start the measurement and it will be completed automatically.


The scope of application of online diameter gauge

The equipment is suitable for online size detection of high and low-speed rolling wire rods, bars, and pipes. It can measure the outer diameter of round steel and the inner diameter of rebar, longitudinal ribs, transverse ribs and other characteristic dimensions.

How to choose an intelligent calliper?

Select the appropriate model according to the range;
Detailed understanding of rolling conditions, such as hot rolling, cold rolling, water mist, installation location, etc.;
Choose the accessories you need;
Propose the required functions;
The person in charge will give a specific feasible plan, which will be determined by both parties and customized.

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