What impact does unmanned operation have on human resources?


Let us see a real example of how unmanned operations impact human resources.

Unmanned operation


Fangda Special Steel: Unmanned operation optimizes human resources

Unattended measuring scale room, unattended railway crossing, unmanned automatic welding, and listing… Recently, it was learned that Fangda Special Steel has added unmanned intelligent driving.

In recent years, with the continuous development of social information technology, intelligent equipment has become one of the powerful ways for many manufacturing companies to optimize human resources, release productivity, and eliminate backward technology. Fangda Special Steel cleverly took advantage of the opportunity of “integration of industrialization and industrialization” to focus on a number of manually operated equipment, and through the “intelligent” upgrade of the equipment, the old technology can be eliminated and human resources can be optimized.


Formulate technical transformation directions around needs

At the operation site of the water slag pool of the No. 3 blast furnace of Fangda Special Steel, a crane showed its slender figure from the dense water vapor, stopped precisely at a corner of the water slag pit, and grabbed the water slag in the pool It was transferred to the nearby water slag quarry, and the precise operation like clouds and flowing water made many “veteran drivers” who came to observe the vehicle give a thumbs up because there was no one in the driving cab.
“This is our latest transformation of unmanned intelligent driving. It is automatically controlled by computer programs, and through the calculation and positioning of corresponding mathematical models, it realizes unmanned operation of driving. It plays a role in improving work efficiency, eliminating backward jobs, and optimizing labor costs. It works very well.” Xiao Yuanjian, an electrical engineer of the company, was introduced at the scene.

As one of the many processes in iron and steel enterprises, the blast furnace slag transfer site is affected by the high temperature of production, and the water vapor range in the slag pool is relatively large. When the vehicle is carrying out the slag grabbing operation, the operator often cannot see the water slag pool with the naked eye. The slag pit is precisely positioned, and the lifting and opening, and closing grabs can only be grasped blindly through memory and habits. There are phenomena of missing grasps and equipment collisions. Due to the different operating habits of different operators, operating accuracy and equipment service life cannot be obtained. ensure.

“Is there any way to not only break through the limited field of view caused by water vapor but also unify the grasping speed and accuracy each time?” After discussions among many electrical technicians, finally, the technical transformation of changing the manual operation of the driving to the automatic operation of the program was put on the agenda.

Thanks to the efforts of electrical engineers, the unmanned vehicle modified with a frequency conversion control system, PLC control system, video surveillance system, weighing system, and remote control system was quickly put into trial operation, and personnel only need to sit in the room The computer program is routinely monitored, and the program can automatically control the driving to complete many complex actions that originally required human operation, which greatly improves the working environment of the driving operators.

“In the past, the driver of this position had to drive in a water vapor environment, and the working environment was relatively difficult, but now he only needs to sit in the office, and can remotely complete the loading of water slag, and also take into account the management of on-site vehicles. It can be said that there have been earth-shaking changes.” A staff member of the company’s operation business department praised it.


Technological innovation optimizes human resources

Fang Wei, chairman of the board of directors of Fangda Group, once pointed out that the improvement of informatization and automation is by no means a reduction in personnel, let alone a reduction in wages, but to block “running, dripping and dripping” and improve quality and efficiency. Focusing on this work requirement, Fangda Special Steel has successively launched a number of unmanned equipment in recent years, and no employee has been downsized due to job changes.

At present, the company already has on-site unmanned operation equipment such as remote measurement, unattended railway crossings, and AI automatic identification hooks on high-speed steel rolling lines.

It is understood that the company’s rebar furnace number listing work has been completed manually. When the automatic welding listing project is launched, each production team can optimize one person to other vacant positions. Only the two production lines of the bar and special steel are convenient. Optimum for 8 people.

“At present, we are actively doing job skills training for welding and listing personnel. Once the automatic welding and lifting equipment is in normal operation, the personnel in the original position can be transferred to the vacant positions such as finishing operations and delivery in an orderly manner.” Wang Xiaqun, director of the comprehensive management department of the company’s rolling mill, said.

In addition, the company’s railway crossing has long been transformed from manual duty to remote centralized control. During manual guarding, 36 personnel are required to guard the 13 crossings in the factory area in shifts. Through the improvement of unmanned technology, all crossings can be completed by computer operation with only 2 people per shift. The rest of the optimized personnel will fill other vacant positions. The company has played a considerable role in solving the lack of staff in some positions in various processes and saving labor costs through the upgrade of unmanned operation of equipment.

“In the next step, we plan to carry out an intelligent transformation of the raw material yard of the pre-iron system to realize the unmanned operation of the stacker and reclaimer. It is necessary to configure the post personnel well. To achieve this goal, not only must we continue to increase the study and research, and development of advanced technology, but we must also carry out more extensive training on the skills of “one specialty and multiple abilities” for employees to further improve unmanned intelligence in the future. Manufacturing level, optimization of human resources to lay a solid foundation.” Talking about the future, a technical transformation project manager of the company said.


Article source: Zhang Yuliang, China Iron and Steel News — “Fangda Special Steel: Unmanned operation optimizes human resources”


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