automatic bar counting and Separating system

Vision-based bar counting and separating system — The counting and separating system is based on the target recognition, target tracking and automatic separation technology of bar-shaped objects, and combines non-contact machine vision technology and automatic intelligent control technology organically. It is composed of a precision servo displacement end separation manipulator, a mechanical complete steel separating machine, a sprocket transmission device and a computer control unit, so as to realize the function of accurately separating any specification and setting the number of bars.

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Laser Marking Machine

Bundle Rebar Online Welding Tag System

Based on robot technology and computer 3D image technology, the equipment is transmitted through the connection with the online MES system, and completes the steps of automatic printing of signs, automatic removal of welding studs, automatic removal of cards, automatic identification of target positions, automatic bundling quantity review and optimization of welding positions, etc. Complete automatic welding.

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Automatic wire rod tagging robot

High Line Automatic Listing Robot — Based on image recognition technology and industrial robot platform, the system realizes the functions of automatic transmission of signage data, automatic printing and cutting, automatic sorting, automatic picking of labels by robots, automatic picking of hooks, automatic identification of listing positions, and automatic listing of signs. After the robot automatically picks up the tag, it uses the tag hook to hang the tag on the bundling wire used for bundling the disc. On different bundled steel bars, ensure the reliability of the logo.

The robot can complete the printing, picking and listing of 2 signs within 50 seconds.
The system is suitable for automatic welding, pasting and hanging of labels for various rebar bundles, coils, billets and coils.

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Continuous casting automatic slag adding system

The continuous casting crystallizer liquid level automatic slag addition control system is a set of closed-loop automatic control systems. It takes the industrial computer as the core and uses special software to automatically control each component to automatically work. The parameters are adjusted according to the actual situation of the slag liquid level in the crystallizer of the casting machine, and no manual pre-adjustment is required to ensure the uniformity of the slag liquid level in the crystallizer and the stable working process of the system.

Chain bed control system

1. The chain control system can realize unmanned operation in the whole process, and can monitor and display the running speed and time to ensure the stability of the production process.

2. The system can automatically monitor whether the bundled bars are transported to the designated position, forward and reverse transport of all chains, and fixed-point transport to realize automatic material discharge; improve production efficiency, reduce enterprise costs, and enhance enterprise competitiveness;

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intelligent rail-type inspection robot

The intelligent rail-type inspection robot is equipped with various intelligent sensors such as infrared thermal imaging sensors, gas sensors, audio sensors, and 360-degree video instruments, which can collect, store, and transmit on-site image, sound, temperature, smoke, methane and other data in real time. Data analysis, judgment of equipment failure and failure location, completely replace manual inspection. It is suitable for inspection and maintenance work in petrochemical, mining, large conveyor pipe gallery, water pump room, urban comprehensive pipe gallery, substation and other places.

Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

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