The Mold Breakout Prediction System is stably put into use in the CSP thin slab production line!

What is a Mold Breakout Prediction System?


The Mold Breakout Prediction System is a device that can analyze the temperature changes collected by thermocouples distributed on the walls of the crystallizer to know the rupture point and its expansion of the billet shell, thereby detecting the steel breakout trend and issuing an alarm. The mould breakout prediction system mainly consists of the following parts: an on-site operation box, control cabinet, industrial computer, thermocouple module, connector, thermocouple, thermocouple protection sleeve, offline detection device, etc.

Steel breakout in the continuous casting production process is the most harmful production accident, which has adverse effects on operation stability, product quality, personal safety and equipment life. The loss caused by a typical steel breakout accident may be close to 200,000 US dollars. Therefore, continuous casting enterprises and scientific and technological workers have invested a lot of time and money to develop a mould breakout prediction system.

Continuous casting leakage can be divided into bonded leakage, slag inclusion leakage, crack leakage, etc. Adhesive leakage is the main cause of continuous casting leakage and is also a key factor in reducing its breakout rate. The thermocouple temperature measurement method currently used, that is, installing a thermocouple on the crystallizer, detects temperature changes, determines and predicts the possibility of steel leakage, and provides timely feedback to the automatic control system to automatically or prompt the operator to take avoidance measures, has been gradually proven to be the most effective, scientific and applicable method.


The Mold breakout prediction system in CSP thin slab production line


Steel leakage accidents during continuous casting production have always been a problem that plagues steel companies. Especially in CSP thin plate continuous casting machines, bonded steel breakouts are a stubborn problem that is difficult to cure. Once it occurs, it will not only cause huge economic losses but may also have a serious impact on the entire production line.


Breakout Prediction System


The CSP thin slab continuous caster of a steel plant uses a funnel-shaped crystallizer. Its special structure and high casting speed make steel breakouts more likely to occur during production than conventional continuous casters. In order to overcome this problem, the steel plant introduced a steel breakout prediction system in July 2022. As the first domestic mould breakout prediction system successfully applied to CSP thin slabs, this system accurately predicts the risk of steel breakout through real-time monitoring, situational awareness and deep learning technology, thus effectively avoiding the occurrence of steel breakage accidents.

Compared with the traditional CSP method that relies on manual experience to judge the status of poured steel, the steel breakage prediction system has higher accuracy and reliability. By installing a thermocouple on the copper plate of the crystallizer, the system can monitor the temperature change trend of the copper plate in real-time, and combine the continuous casting process and equipment parameters to establish a dynamic heat transfer model of the crystallizer under different working conditions. Using deep learning technology and situational awareness, the system can conduct an in-depth analysis of these data, predict the risk of adhesive steel breakouts in advance, and take corresponding processing measures.

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