The intelligent promotion direction of bar production line

At present, the mechanical equipment of the bar production line has small differences and low intelligence, and cannot be controlled remotely. Intelligent centralized control is required to improve the reliability of equipment control, strengthen the level of electrical interconnection and automatic control, so as to reduce the equipment failure rate and maintain the stability of the production line. production order. Specifically to solve the following problems:

 (1) The billet has not undergone quality inspection before entering the furnace, and it is easy to mix defective billets, which affects production and product quality; the surface detector for small and medium-sized bars can only be applied to the surface inspection of bars with low rolling speed. The error is large.

(2) At present, there are two forms of endless rolling of bar and wire, one is welding type, and the other is casting and rolling type. The former also needs to solve the problems of speed matching with the heating furnace and the roughing mill, the deburring effect, and the stable operation of the equipment; the latter involves the steelmaking and continuous casting system, which is difficult to achieve.

(3) Although the controlled rolling and controlled cooling device has applications, it has no self-learning function when changing varieties, does not achieve precise control, and the temperature deviation is large, resulting in unstable product quality.

( 4) Insufficient application of calipers, manual sampling and calipers, great potential safety hazards, and lag in finding and dealing with problems, often resulting in out-of-tolerance products.

(5) Various control rooms are distributed throughout the production line, occupying a lot of people, so it is necessary to merge the control rooms to realize remote centralized control. The functions of the basic automation system need to be subdivided, and the control accuracy needs to be improved urgently. There is a lack of a production big data system and a feedforward adjustment model. The production line itself needs to have the ability to self-adjust, shorten the time for changing varieties, and system fault-tolerant response.

(6) The cooling bed equipment has low control accuracy, slow braking, many accidents, and insufficient capacity. In addition, the cold shear capacity is poorly matched with the cooling bed and inspection bench capacity, resulting in problems such as low yield and sizing rate of steel.

(7) The intelligence of the inspection bench is low, and most of them use manual counting, which has low efficiency, poor accuracy and high labor costs. The collection device of the inspection bench often results in poor baling quality, low efficiency, and low investment in listing and industrial robots due to insufficient holding force, which needs further improvement.

(8) The crane is old, the warehouse management system is incomplete, there are many operators and management personnel, the palletizing area is chaotic, the delivery efficiency is low, the labor intensity is high, and the warehouse management systems and facilities such as electronic fences, gray busbars, delivery scanning, and recording are lacking. .

If the above problems are solved, a new intelligent control system for steel rolling will be formed, and the implementation of intelligent steel rolling will increase the product qualification rate by more than 1%, which can meet the needs of the bar production line for product accuracy, production output, and remote centralized control.

The bar production line has the following intelligent technology applications:

With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing, and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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