The importance of online straightness measuring instrument in round steel rolling

In modern steel rolling production, the online straightness measuring instrument is a very important tool. It can help workers and production lines perform high-precision straightness and diameter measurements, thereby ensuring the stability and accuracy of product quality.


straightness measuring, round steel rolling


1. Measurement accuracy and stability


The online straightness measuring instrument can measure the straightness dimensions of circular rolled materials of various sizes online in real-time to ensure the accuracy and stability of product quality. During the rolling process, workers only need to set the basic parameters of the rolled material to be measured in advance, such as product model, nominal value, etc., and click start to quickly and accurately obtain the measurement results. This greatly improves production efficiency and saves time and labour costs.


2. Efficient production and quality control


The online straightness measuring instrument has a very wide range of applications and can be used to measure various round rolled materials, such as round steel, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, cold-drawn steel pipes, ceramic pipes, etc. In automated production, automated measurement and analysis can be achieved, greatly improving production efficiency.

In addition, in terms of quality control, through real-time high-precision detection data and ultra-tolerance sound and light prompts, unqualified products can be discovered in time to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the next process. This can effectively avoid product scrap rates and improve product customer satisfaction.


3. Application in steel rolling


In steel rolling production, an online straightness measuring instrument is one of the indispensable tools. It can be applied to multiple positions before and after the flaw detection line, and before and after the straightening machine. It can be completely customized according to the specific conditions of the production line and installed in the appropriate location to provide quality information for high-quality production and ensure automated high-speed production. It has been installed in many steel plants to conduct straightness quality inspections for rolled steel.

In summary, online straightness measuring instruments play an important role in modern steel rolling production. It can help workers quickly and accurately measure straightness dimensions per meter, and provide reminders when defective products are found. It will not let go of any defective products, effectively improving production efficiency and accuracy. Of course, as a non-contact optical inspection equipment, it is not only used for dimensional inspection of steel rolling production lines but can also detect other items such as ceramic tubes and paper tubes.

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