The bar production line has the following intelligent technology applications

1. Selection and development of surface detectors


Surface defects of billets and bars can be detected by an infrared surface flaw detection unit, but the maximum detection speed is only 1 m/s. Through network communication, the detection of surface defects is linked with the rolling production line, and the surface defects of the rolling stock can be detected and eliminated or retained according to the process requirements to improve the inherent quality of the rolling stock.

The surface inspection system can perform billet numbering, de-square, automatic length measurement and automatic identification of special-shaped billets, and can also detect surface defects of bars. The unique green light source is used to assist the industrial camera in scanning the moving bar in full width. According to the different reflection characteristics of light in the different areas on the surface of the bar, the captured image is extracted, analyzed, pattern recognition, defect identification, and input. in the system.


2. Selection of Endless Rolling Technology


Welding-type endless rolling technology, is greatly affected by welding carbon equivalent requirements, so it is suitable for a narrow range of steel grades; while continuous casting-type endless rolling technology is suitable for a wider range of steel grades. In theory, continuous casting There are basically no problems in the steel grades that can be continuously cast and rolled. The welding type endless rolling technology has the flexibility to stop at any time, so the requirements for the rolling line and subsequent finishing equipment are relatively loose. The problem of insufficient distance from the furnace to the roughing mill is suitable for the renovation of the old factory. The continuous casting and rolling type endless rolling technology is more suitable for new production lines, especially for the current capacity replacement, relocation and transformation projects, and the construction of ultra-short process bar production lines should be given priority. Endless rolling can increase production capacity so that enterprises can obtain direct economic benefits, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.


3. Intelligent selection of controlled rolling and controlled cooling equipment


When producing bearing steel, spring steel, gear steel, engineering machinery steel and other special steels that require controlled rolling and controlled cooling, the thermomechanical controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology can reduce the off-line heat treatment process for some products, and control the surface and core parts. Grain size uniformity, improves the dimensional consistency of the whole length, for example, the rolling line adopts the controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology controlled by a thermometer, an infrared detector and a computer system to suppress the high-temperature phase transformation, refine the structure, and improve the strength and stability of the steel. plasticity.

The process automation level online control system (L2 level) and the mathematical model mainly include: establishing a steel grade process database, establishing a temperature control mathematical model suitable for the steel grade, and controlling the cooling process parameters of the rolling stock according to the steel grade process and process temperature target, select different control modes according to the different process requirements of the control cooling, complete the process planning and design through special software according to the requirements of the finished product, and use the control cooling mathematical model to perform self-learning and automatic self-learning and automatic control of the obtained rolling stock temperature within the specified range. Adapt. When working in the semi-automatic state, the parameters of the database table can be called for setting.


4. Selection of online caliper


The use of online detection technology can improve the detection speed, solve the problems of missed detection, slow detection speed, and potential safety hazards in manual sampling, and it is also beneficial to improve product accuracy control. The online detector can be directly installed on the production line and uses the measurement technology to conduct real-time detection and feedback on the rolling stock, so as to better guide the process adjustment. The calliper can be set according to different varieties and communicate with the secondary system of the production line. It can display relevant feedback information in real-time on the on-site display screen and make adjustments in time, thereby improving product quality and yield.


5. Automatic equipment is added to the inspection bench – automatic bar counter


Selection of automatic counting device. The automatic bar counter is usually suitable for products with a size of more than 8 mm, which can complete the automatic counting and bundling of bars. And data signal recording system, which can automatically track the counting process in all directions.

The online counting and sorting system uses machine vision technology to identify and locate the steel bars online, and automatically splices the images, and finally realizes the automatic counting function. Realize automatic steel separation.

Based on the principle of image recognition, the whole bundle re-inspection counter captures the image of the end face of the whole bundle and uploads it to the computer. The number of counts is reviewed, which can realize automatic and manual photography, and arbitrarily set the whole bundle of counts. When an error occurs, the light alarm prompts, and manual correction can be performed. The equipment is installed behind the weighing platform 1. About 1 m, to achieve the mutual verification of quality and the whole bundle count, and reduce the error rate of packaging.


rebar counting machine, система подсчета арматуры


6. Automatic equipment is added to the inspection bench – bar weighing and baler system and OEM and welding robots

The fully automatic bar bundling system collects the bars from the inspection stand into bundles and transports them to the bundling position through the roller table. The baler is used to complete the full-length bundling of the bar, and the cylindrical bar bundle is transported to the finished product weighing, re-inspection and listing work area through the roller table.

At present, most of them can complete automatic baling and automatic weighing, but the listing is still mainly manual listing, and there are also steel belt balers, which spray the bar information on the steel belt through the inkjet printer, and the double identification of characters and barcodes is convenient. track. Automatic label welding and OEM robots have been gradually used. According to the process characteristics of the welding label operation in the finished area, the pre-printed labels are welded and pressed to the end of the bar or the surface of the bar. This is based on intelligent vision. Technology, the image recognition software drives industrial robots to replace manual tasks and realizes the data storage of the production line control system and the metering system, realizes the automation of the entire welding and OEM process and achieves the purpose of intelligent listing.


welding tag robot


7. Unmanned crane and intelligent warehouse management technology


Existing production lines and finished product warehouses equipped with cranes can be intelligently transformed, such as replacing FM motors, sliding lines, Gray busbars, detection devices, vehicle scanning platforms, crane rooms and control rooms. According to the requirements of the existing intelligent warehouse management, the fixed material frame stacking yard is divided into management, and the position of the car and the train to be shipped is located, so that multiple overhead cranes have the learning ability of automatic avoidance, continuous work, automatic acceleration and deceleration, etc. The electromagnetic crane and other spreaders of the truck undertake intelligent unloading and loading tasks to achieve efficient transportation. Each bar is stacked in a fixed position on the shelf, and it is required to also manage the positioning of each bar lifted by the electromagnetic crane so that the whole process of the bar can be tracked.

To sum up, these innovative technologies are organically integrated and integrated into the process to form a new intelligent control system for steel rolling. The unmanned operation and intelligent logistics system of the entire production line can be realized, which can ultimately improve the competitiveness of products, and can meet the requirements of the bar production line for intelligent steel rolling such as product accuracy, production output, and remote centralized control, and gradually realize low cost, high precision, and flexibility. It has broad application prospects and high use value. There is a long way to go for exploration and practice in the transformation and development of intelligent manufacturing. It is necessary to combine and apply new technologies emerging in the industry at any time in order to build the correct model of intelligent manufacturing for future iron and steel enterprises.

With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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