Successful case of intelligentization of high-speed wire rod workshop

Recently, the 4580 rods and wire production line of China Baowu Group Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which applied the overall solution of the new generation of rod and wire intelligent workshop, was officially put into operation. The new breakthrough has been highly recognized and praised by the owners.

Kunming Iron and Steel’s 4580 bar and wire production line includes a high-quality high-speed wire production line with an annual output of 450,000 tons and a high-speed bar production line with an annual output of 800,000 tons.

The high-speed wire rod production line adopts a reducing and sizing modular unit. The maximum operating speed of the equipment is 115m/s, and the product precision and quality have reached the international advanced level. The high-speed bar production line adopts the concept of flexible and modular rolling and applies the world’s first single-pass high-speed bar rolling technology. The maximum speed can reach 45m/s stably, which represents the highest level of the current high-speed bar production line.

In accordance with the principles and requirements of intelligent manufacturing of China Baowu Group, the 4580 bar and wire project of Kunming Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. plans to combine the intelligent centralized control centres of the high bar and high wire production lines to realize “two lines and one room”. Under the production conditions of this centralized control mode, the number of areas and equipment that operators need to pay attention to increases, and the labour intensity increases. Continuously ensure the optimal operation of the production line.

To this end, the high-speed rod and wire intelligent team relies on its rich experience in high rod and high wire intelligent control, according to the process characteristics and centralized control requirements of the rod and wire production line, on the basis of advanced and mature automation systems, it applies machine vision, data Advanced technologies such as analysis and artificial intelligence have successfully built a new generation of intelligent overall solutions for high-speed rod and wire workshops.

The solution focuses on the core issues that the production line is concerned about. Through visual means, trend and causal analysis, and predictive judgments, production personnel can deeply understand the status of the production line in real time. Through the integration of the machine model and data analysis model, real-time optimization of parameters of the automation system and auxiliary decision-making are realized.

The data of automation systems at all levels and other related data are aggregated and connected to the process data centre, and the workshop data island is broken through the data centre to realize the depth of workshop data such as production process data, factory design data, video, audio and image data, and production management data. fusion.

“Collaborative optimization” is a core application of the program. Through the comprehensive analysis of production process data and historical data, the analysis results and decisions are sent to the automation system in the form of optimizing setting parameters and optimizing operation guidance, so as to realize the real-time optimization of the automation system.


high speed wire rod production


The main functions of the program include


1) Intelligent steel rolling control


Based on advanced design concepts and mature control technology, high-precision looper control, micro-tension control, and self-learning control are realized to ensure a stable rolling process, high product precision, and a highly automated and intelligent production process.


2) Optimum interval rolling


Taking the expected interval between two steel passes through specific process equipment as the optimization target, based on historical data analysis, the tapping rhythm is automatically optimized to achieve optimal interval control and improve production efficiency.


3) The short ruler is automatically separated


Based on the automatic length measurement and historical data analysis, the segmentation strategy of the double-scale flying shear is dynamically adjusted to realize the automatic optimization of the extension of the tail scale.


4) Precise high-speed zone control


Based on the high-speed process controller, a high-speed bar braking model is established to realize automatic tail clamping, automatic steel unloading and automatic steel connection, and stable production of 45m/s bars.


5) High-precision water cooling temperature control


Based on the process model, through precise position tracking, temperature feedforward, temperature feedback and self-learning of flow setting, high-precision water-cooling temperature control and precise control of the uncooled section at the head and tail are realized, good tissue performance is obtained, and the yield rate is effectively improved.


6) Intelligent control support


Based on the automation system and production process data, a workshop data model is established to realize real-time monitoring of key equipment status, real-time analysis of production status and process parameters, collaborative optimization of process operations, and comprehensive evaluation of production line status.


7) On-line measurement of bar tolerance


Based on flying shear length measurement, weighing correction and whole-process material tracking, online tolerance measurement during bar rolling is realized to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality and improve yield.


8) Machine vision automatic recognition


Through the intelligent analysis of machine vision, functions such as production anomaly detection, billet defect identification, and rolled piece position tracking are realized, which improves the level of production automation and reduces the labour intensity of workers.


9) Whole-process quality tracking


Build a full-process quality tracking system, establish a full-lifecycle quality file for rolled parts, realize multi-dimensional intelligent correlation analysis and display of quality data and process data, and realize full-process quality visualization.


After the system goes online, it realizes a high degree of automation and intelligence. Compared with the traditional method, the production is more stable and the quality is more stable.

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