Structural steel fabrication automation

The steel structure is the main structure of buildings. With the rise of prefabricated buildings, the demand for steel structures has also increased sharply. Compared with concrete and wood, steel structures have lightweight, high strength, good toughness, and plasticity, and reliable structure, It is environmentally friendly and reusable, but it also has the disadvantages of being large size and having many varieties of products, which brings a lot of challenges to the intelligent production of the steel structure industry.

At present, the production of steel structure industry is still in the situation of semi-automation and automation of single equipment. The production efficiency is low, the product quality is unstable, and the demand for personnel is large, which has seriously restricted the development of the construction industry. With the development of steel structure intelligent manufacturing technology, under the background of “machine substitution”, the intelligent production of steel structures will definitely promote the development of building steel structures, which can not only effectively improve efficiency and quality stability, but also reduce operation Reduce the number of personnel, reduce the dependence on labor, and reduce safety risks at the same time.

Structural steel fabrication automation


What are the benefits of automated production lines?

1) Automated production lines can improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and are suitable for mass production.

2) The automated production line can ensure the stability of the production process and improve the quality and consistency of products.

3) The automated production line can perform some tests that are difficult or impossible to perform by manual testing, improving the accuracy and coverage of tests.

4) Automated production lines can improve resource utilization and reduce waste and pollution.

5) Automated production lines can improve job safety and prevent workers from being injured in dangerous or extreme environments.

6) The automatic production line can realize remote monitoring and control, which is convenient for management and adjustment.

Structural steel fabrication automation


Steel structure intelligent manufacturing production line

The steel structure intelligent manufacturing production line is an intelligent production line for steel structure production, which can realize the automatic production of blanking, handling, welding, shot blasting, and spraying of steel plates. The whole line is divided into intelligent blanking lines, an intelligent welding line,s, and an intelligent coating line according to the function.

Structural steel fabrication automation


Intelligent blanking line

The intelligent blanking line includes an accumulation-type roller table, surface treatment unit, and cutting blanking unit.

The entire sheet is conveyed to the surface treatment unit through the accumulative roller table, and the floating rust on the surface of the sheet is removed by the steel wire brush roller. The upper and lower gaps of the steel wire brush roller can be automatically adjusted by program control to adapt to the surface treatment of different sheet thicknesses;

After surface treatment, the plate enters the cutting and blanking unit, which processes CAD graphics or 3D models through CAM software to realize the automatic cutting of different shapes and plate thicknesses;

After the cut parts are sent to the unloading platform by the roller conveyor, the truss manipulator automatically recognizes the position of the material through the laser vision positioning system and grabs it to the designated location for storage or enters the milling and chamfering unit;

The edge milling and chamfering unit can automatically adjust the distance between the power heads through the plate width and thickness detection system to realize the edge milling and chamfering of parts of different specifications. Through the control system’s preset parameters, product processing can be realized only by selecting the processing type.

This line can provide relatively standard parts for the follow-up intelligent welding line, so that the accuracy of welding products can be further improved, and welding deformation can also be reduced to a certain extent; this line can also realize raw material plates by adding gantry truss manipulators, laser vision positioning, and AVG tractors automatic transfer and online.

Structural steel fabrication automation

Intelligent Welding Line

The intelligent welding line includes a frame assembly unit, frame welding unit, plastic correction unit, blanking unit, and accessory welding unit.

After a single part is sent into the assembly unit in sequence through the accumulative roller table, the clamping mechanism tightens it and then rotates the angle according to the shape of the main frame. After the assembly is completed, the gap between the parts can be detected by the optical camera, such as If there is an abnormality, the tightening mechanism can realize automatic adjustment to ensure uniform and symmetrical gaps, which can effectively reduce welding deformation. After the assembly is completed, the welding robot starts submerged arc welding (including spot welding and full welding). Automatic correction to ensure stable welding quality;

Due to the large welding deformation, it needs to be corrected by hydraulic pressure before welding the auxiliary parts; after the shaping is completed, the accumulative roller table will transport the frame’s main body to the designated position, cut it into different lengths by the unloading unit, and then prepare the welding of the auxiliary parts;

The handling robot automatically finds and recognizes the auxiliary parts through the laser vision system; grabs each auxiliary part in turn to the designated position and welds it, and the grabbing fixture on the handling robot can realize the automatic and quick replacement of the fixture according to different installation methods and shapes of the auxiliary parts ( Similar to machining center tool automatic replacement).


Intelligent spraying line

The intelligent spraying line consists of an automatic shot blasting machine spraying room; shot blasting can improve the adhesion of the paint on the steel surface, and can also reduce the welding stress of the plate to a certain extent; Friction makes the scale and dirt on the surface of the workpiece fall off, reduces the surface roughness, and can maximize the paint adhesion of the workpiece;

The falling projectiles are transported to the dust removal equipment by the screw conveyor to make the equipment more environmentally friendly; after the shot blasting, the roller table sends the workpiece into the automatic painting room, and the hanging conveying device lifts the workpiece and transports it forward. At the same time, paint spray guns from different angles Start spraying; after spraying, enter the drying room and cooling room to dry the paint and cool the workpiece, and then output the finished product;

The line will subsequently realize intelligent warehousing through parts identification, QR code scanning technology, and three-dimensional warehouse and other technologies and equipment.


What are the main benefits of steel structure companies introducing automated production lines?

In recent years, with the development of automatic intelligent technology becoming more and more mature, automated production line mode has been realized in many production fields. Among them, after the steel structure company introduced an automated production line, it can be said that it has significantly improved in terms of production efficiency, product quality, and process performance. So, how can this be trusted by customers in the process of promoting it in the market, and what are the main benefits of introducing automated production lines?

Structural steel fabrication automation


1. Further improve the efficiency of steel structure manufacturing and processing, ensuring that the quality and performance of each steel structure product is more and more stable. Only when the ex-factory qualification rate reaches the specified qualification standard, and its excellent quality in the competition process, can the steel structure company stand out and achieve the ideal strength standard. Therefore, this can occupy an advantageous position in the process of selling in the market and has won the trust and recognition of customers.

2. The introduction of automated production lines by the steel structure company can greatly reduce the number of operators and reduce the dependence on manual manufacturing. Therefore, the production is basically completed by machinery and equipment, which also significantly reduces the hidden dangers to human safety. It can be seen that the introduction of this kind of automated production is true of great help in various aspects, and the product development it brings is also very good.

3. With the automatic production line, when the steel structure company undertakes large-scale steel structure projects, on the one hand, the project schedule will be significantly accelerated, and it can be completed with quality and quantity to ensure that the entire steel structure project is in the acceptance We will always meet the standards strictly and gain the trust of customers. Therefore, having an automated production line is true of great help to the development of the company.

With the advent of the 5G era, everything is interconnected, and steel structure buildings have seen the dawn. The automated construction steel structure production line brings new changes to the steel structure industry in terms of production capacity, quality, and efficiency upgrades, promotes the deep integration of industries in the construction industry, and promotes the orderly development of the steel structure industry.


The case of China’s first steel structure intelligent construction production line

In the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Hongxiang Steel Structure, the robot is independently completing the welding work of the column top plate. From the automatic analysis of the TEKLA model to automatic production cutting and blanking, to automatic powder spraying and drying, every link of the steel beam and steel column production line is fully operated by 48 international top robots. The degree of intelligence has reached the domestic leading level, reducing the number of employees. Such an intelligent production line is a system independently developed by Hongxiang Steel Structure. The research and development results have applied for 2 invention patents and 6 utility model patents, which is the first in China.

Structural steel fabrication automation


After the adoption of mechanization and intelligence, the efficiency of the factory has been significantly improved. In the past, a line with 40 or 50 people, now there are only about five or six people, and because it is mechanized, it can continue to produce after the quality is guaranteed. It should be said that it has at least improved. 2~3 times the efficiency.

Compared with the traditional building material concrete, the steel structure has the characteristics of high strength, lightweight, toughness, good seismic performance, short construction period, and environmental protection. For houses built with steel structures, the thickness of the walls will be narrower, which can effectively increase the usable area of the house by 3%-6%.

Steel structure housing is a green and environmentally friendly product. If the house is not needed, we can dismantle it directly. The recycled steel can be directly sent to the steel factory and can be turned into a brand-new product after reprocessing.

Structural steel fabrication automation


For prefabricated buildings, especially hidden frame systems, structural steel has small components, which are easy to hide in the main building walls, without the phenomenon of convex beams and columns, and are more suitable for the layout of residential buildings. Moreover, because structural steel has better mechanical properties, the layout of the room is relatively flexible, and structural steel can meet the space needs of people of different levels.

It is understood that the latest intelligent production line put into production by Hongxiang Steel Structure is estimated to have an annual production capacity of 35,000 tons, which can be used to build 450,000 square meters of housing. With the full rollout of the reproducible and scalable model of intelligent construction production lines, enterprises will embark on a green and sustainable construction path.

Structural steel fabrication automation

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