Temperature measurement Robot

Molten Steel Temperature Measurement And Sampling Robot

EAF, LF, Tundish Temperature measuring & sampling

Automatically complete probe loading, automatic insertion of molten steel temperature measurement and sampling, automatic precise measurement, automatic unloading of the probe, “accurate action and measurement”

High Temperature Thermal Imager System

Use infrared thermal imaging technology to detect defects in refractory materials such as converters, ladles, and hot blast furnaces. Apply infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect the surface temperature of ladles around the clock, infer the thickness of the ladle wall, and present the temperature of the ladle and the vault lining of the hot blast furnace in real-time. The damaged location is scientifically monitored for defects in refractory materials such as converters, ladles, and hot blast furnaces, and the defect locations are accurately located to facilitate timely maintenance and ensure safe production.

Through online detection of the measured object, possible safety/production hazards can be detected and alarmed.

smart device, machine vision, heating furnace
slag raking machine, Slag Skimming Machine

Automatic slag raking machine

Realize remote slag raking and remote operation and maintenance. Through the slag surface evaluation function of the automatic slag raking system, the system controls the slag raking machine to move according to the set path to realize automatic slag raking.

industrial automation and robotics

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Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

Металлургический интеллект
Изменить способ производства

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