AI solutions for the steel industry

AI Equipment For Steelmaking And Continuous Casting

billet quality

Intelligent Continuous Casting Full Surface Quality Online Inspection System

  • Real-time non-contact detection and identification of surface defects in continuous casting billets within the full width and full length range;
  • The image resolution reaches 0.25mm*0.25mm;
  • Dual dual-mode detection using a combination of line scan camera + area scan camera;

Automatic Casting Powder Adding System/ Robot

In order to achieve the stability of the slab quality of the continuous caster, it is necessary to add casting powder into the mold. This system/robot can replace manual adding and be uniform feeding, stable operation, safe and reliable.

mould powder in continuous casting, artificial intelligence technology in continuous casting
Temperature measurement Robot

Molten Steel Temperature Measurement And Sampling Robot

EAF, LF, Tundish Temperature measuring & sampling

Automatically complete probe loading, automatic insertion of molten steel temperature measurement and sampling, automatic precise measurement, automatic unloading of the probe, “accurate action and measurement”

Accurate Weighting And Sizing System For Continuous Casting Slabs

Solve industry pain points: inconsistent casting and rolling standards.

Realize intelligent and online automatic control of continuous casting billet weight to avoid human intervention;

Improve the accuracy and qualification rate of continuous casting billet weight determination, and the proportion of billet weight determination accuracy “target value ±1‰~21‰” is ≥80%.

Realizes intelligent linkage with collectible information such as casting speed, molten steel temperature, water distribution, steel grade specifications, etc., to achieve closed-loop control.

steel slab casting process
High temperature thermal imager

High Temperature Thermal Imager System For Heating Furnace

It achieves the function of imaging in the furnace and enables the operator to “visually observe” the condition of the material surface in the furnace. At the same time, real-time temperature measurements can be performed, and the number of measurements can reach 100,000 temperature points. 

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