Steel rolling engineering Business

bar production line

intelligent long steel rolling system

Bar and wire project, the independently developed high-speed bar intelligent control system includes intelligent control modules such as high-speed flying shear, high-speed steel loading, and intelligent optimization of tail steel, achieving stable rolling at an exit speed of 48.5m/s and successfully solving double-length waves. Bend problem. On the basis of traditional long steel control technology, we will continue to optimize, improve and innovate, and realize intelligent centralized control centers such as one room for the first line and one room for the fourth line, forming a complete intelligent long steel rolling system.

Can realize: automatic tension control; automatic looper control; automatic speed compensation control; flying shear slope control

Rail beam, steel pipe, and section steel automation engineering projects

The company has mastered the design and on-site commissioning experience of special steel sections such as light rail, heavy rail, steel pipes, large and small H-shaped steel, U-shaped and Z-shaped steel sheet piles. Our rich experience and performance enable us to provide domestically advanced full-process rail beams and steel pipes. , the reliable guarantee of the three-electric automatic control system of shaped steel.

online measurement, intelligent manufacturing, steel pipe production
Intelligent online diameter gauge, hot rolling, Measurement accuracy reaches 300μm! Radar technology

hot rolling automation

Comprehensively master the key technologies of large-scale hot rolling automation, and can provide overall solutions for three-electric automation and intelligent control. It has independent intellectual property rights in various aspects of a number of large-scale hot rolling production lines, and has completed automated electrical control systems for a number of large and medium-sized hot rolling and stainless steel hot rolling production lines.

Medium and thick plate

Three-electric control system project for wide and heavy plate, medium plate and Steckel rolling mill. Mastered several core technologies in automatic rolling, plate shape control, and cooling control of medium plate rolling mills, and have completed many medium and heavy plate engineering projects.

Centralized control of the entire middle plate reduces the number of operating positions and improves the collaborative efficiency of production operations; the intelligent image recognition system is deeply integrated with the automation system to realize automatic shearing of the profiler’s thermal slitting, position tracking and shunt processing of the steel plate on the cooling bed, and bilateral shearing. And the automatic centering control function of the disc shear; the integrated perception platform integrates data provided by various systems of the medium plate factory to display the production status, charts, warnings and other information of the entire production line to customers.

Large slab continuous casting
Intelligent technology, steel plate, strip manufacturing

Plate and strip processing line

In conjunction with the Steel Research Institute, with plate processing technology as the core, we provide domestic and foreign customers with advanced and complete plate and strip processing line system solutions. Through long-term and unremitting efforts, we have obtained a number of patented technologies in the fields of cold rolling, galvanizing, continuous retreat, color coating and tension leveling.

Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

Металлургический интеллект
Изменить способ производства

Сэкономьте труд, улучшите рабочую среду, повысьте эффективность, уменьшите количество ошибок и снизьте затраты!