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Widely used in rolling steel, cast pipe, cable, glass pipe, plastic pipe, rubber roller, machining, chemical industry, food and many other fields, and has been well received by users.

online diameter gauge

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DBM is committed to the field of intelligent industrial measurement. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of industrial measuring instruments, measurement and control software, and measurement and controls intelligent terminals. It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and has obtained 11 national patents and copyrights.

DBM has developed multiple series of products integrating optical, mechanical, electrical and computer applications, such as large-scale online photoelectric diameter gauges, online photoelectric width gauges, online straightness gauges, a series of small photoelectric diameter gauges, laser thickness gauges, etc.

Independent R&D and Production

The measurement accuracy is above 0.003mm, the measurement frequency is 500-2000 Hz, and the maximum measurement range is above 1500mm

personalized configuration

The intelligent measurement and control platform can realize personalized configuration according to the different needs of customers

For various types of measurement problems

Uniaxial Caliper

Intelligent Uniaxial Caliper

Used for outer diameter detection of low-temperature rolled pipes, straight seam welded pipes, cold-drawn bars, silver bright bars, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, wires, cables, etc.

Eight-axis intelligent caliper

Eight-axis intelligent caliper

Applied to on-line detection of size of wires and bars at high and low speed rolling lines, including measurement of sizes (inner and outer diameter, longitudinal and transverse rib, etc.) of round steel bar and rebar.

Combined measuring instrument for width and thickness

Combined measuring instrument for width and thickness

Simultaneously measures the width and thickness of flat steel or steel plate in real time. Used for cold or hot-rolled flat steel, and other plate steels.

Bore measurement instrument

Bore measurement instrument

Applied to measure various hole types such as round holes, square holes, and hexagonal holes. Used for wire drawing dies and cable dies that require accurate measurement of inner holes.

Trisection caliper, Steel geometry measurement

Trisection caliper

Suitable for slitting and rolling production lines. Used for three-slit, four-slit and five-slit rolling

laser profilometer

laser profilometer

Surface defect monitoring of rolled steel, non-ferrous metals, etc. Applicable to any shape of profile, such as round, square, rebar, hexagonal, rail beam, T-shaped, H-shaped, etc.

Diameter Straightness Measuring Instrument

Diameter Straightness Measuring Instrument

Mainly used for diameter and straightness detection of metal rods, pipes, ceramic pipes and other products

Customized products

Customized products

Based on strong technical strength and the most advanced sensor technology today, DBM professionally undertakes various non-standard measuring instruments

Features & Advantage


online diameter measurement


High precision, calibration-free

Provide an external database

Powerful defect detection capability

Techniques for Eliminating Jitter Errors

Independent steel guide

High brightness LED light source

High frequency measurement (up to 1000Hz)

Industrial computer calculation, stable performance

Excellent protection performance, easy maintenance

Large size LED display with full functions

advanced gauging technologies

Get your plan for intelligent measurement

Quality and Service

The design and manufacture of products are carried out in accordance with national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, and the quality records and quality files are uniform throughout the process. All parts of the product must be inspected for each piece. After the finished product is assembled and debugged, a week’s performance test will be done, and it will be shipped after passing the test. We sincerely invite users to check the performance of the product in person, and some performance can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

On-site application scene

After years of development, DBM measurement and control equipment has established a sales network covering 28 provinces, cities and regions across the country and even the world, and is exported to Russia, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and other overseas countries and regions

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