Cold Rolling Plant

steel coil manufacturing

Steel Coil Marking Robot

The label (laser, ink, aluminum wire) marking robot workstation is a variety of label marking solutions suitable for different operating scenarios, such as slabs, billets, hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils and other identity information so that the processed products can be identified during transferring between processes and quality problems can be effectively traced. It also can be added with a character recognition tracking system. From the perspective of economy and consumables, we give priority to recommending a laser (white primer) label-marking robot.

Steel Coil Automatic Labeling Robot

A new robot labelling system is added to complete the automatic labelling of steel coils. Fully automatic, unify and standardize the labelling process, no errors, save labour and cost, and workers won’t need to be in the safety hazard area.

Automatic labeling robot
width measurement

Intelligent width measurement Equipment

The equipment is mainly used for online width measurement of metal plates, strips, rubber plates, plastic plates, cloth and other production lines where the plates pass horizontally.
The screen displays real-time measurement values, standard values, upper and lower tolerances, etc.

Measuring range: 0-1000mm

warehouse remote crane control system

For such simple and repetitive operations, it is necessary to realize remote control through transformation, and liberate personnel from harsh environments, which is safe, and at the same time facilitates centralized and unified management, which can optimize the personnel structure.

unmanned steel plants

Steel coil end defect three-dimensional detection system

Intelligent detection of common defects such as edge cracks, overflows, edge damage, and scratches. Intelligent detection the diameter and width of steel coil

Video intelligent analyzing and early warning system

Cold rolling mill

Automatic unbundling robot

Automatically removes the straps and packs them for collection. High success rate, strong stability, safety.

Intelligent inspection robot

Intelligent inspection robot

Fully replace manual labor to achieve all-day remote inspection. Real-time monitoring and alarming of equipment

Strip Steel Baler
  • Cold-Rolled Cross-Moving Piercing Arrow Steel Coil Baler
  • Lateral Hot-Rolled Strip Steel Baler
  • Steel Strip Strapping Machine
Cold-rolled Cross-moving Piercing Arrow Baler
industrial automation and robotics

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Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

Металлургический интеллект
Изменить способ производства

Сэкономьте труд, улучшите рабочую среду, повысьте эффективность, уменьшите количество ошибок и снизьте затраты!