Steel bar counter system machine learning

Background of the project:

In 2016, two sets of steel bar counting machine separation equipment were installed, and in 2019, the light source was upgraded and upgraded. Currently, there are 3 sets of red lights. The diameter of rebar produced is 8-50mm, and the operation and accuracy of the equipment have been normal, but there have been many counting errors in recent months.

For the current problems encountered, LMM GROUP immediately sent engineers to the local steel mills for on-site investigation.


Question one:


About 2-3 months ago, when producing medium-diameter rebar, there was a problem with low counting when the medium diameters were mainly 20, 25, 32, and 40mm, and generally, 1-2 pieces were missing.

After the on-site video confirmation, there are currently possible reasons:

1) The end face of the threaded steel is uneven, and more dots
2) If the threaded steel is too close, superimposed, etc., do more
3) If there are iron filings and sundries on the surface of the threaded steel, do more
4) The threaded steel has too much deflection, more dots

The above reasons can be accurately counted after on-site adjustment.




Question two:

Because the current production pace is relatively fast, the cooling time is short, the ambient temperature is high, and other factors, resulting in blue blackheads on the end face of the rebar, mainly in the diameters of 14, 16, 18 and 20mm, and the counting deviation will increase, and there will be several more branch situation. And the customer adjusted the angle of the light source by himself, which is also one of the reasons.


  1. Readjust the position of the light source to ensure that the end face is in the brightest state
  2. Adjust the brightness of the light. At present, the brightness after the adjustment of the x-ray is 90, and the brightness after the adjustment of the v-line is about 55. Ensure that the critical value can meet the end face of ordinary and blue black heads, and inform the customer that it can be fine-tuned according to the actual production situation.
  3. Correct the camera 1:1 ratio
  4. It is recommended that customers upgrade to the latest pure blue light, which can better solve the problem of blue blackheads
  5. The customer currently does not have a chain speed difference, which causes the rebars to stick together. Today, the diameter of 14mm is produced. If the diameter is smaller, there will be piles of steel.
    At present, through the test of the first-stage chain speed of 220mm/s and the second-stage chain speed of 380mm/s, it is recommended that the customer adjust the first-stage chain speed to 200mm/s, and the second-stage chain speed to 450mm/s, and then observe the effect and adjust gradually.

    Question three:
    The customer’s v-line will produce a bundle of steel bars with a diameter of 8mm and 840 pieces according to customer requirements. The current limit for a bundle is 599. According to the parameters of adjusting the number of counts per bundle, it is adjusted to 1399 to meet customer requirements.


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