Slitting caliper can measure 2~5 steel geometric dimensions at the same time

The split rolling technology was first proposed by the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1860s, and was successfully applied to the recycling of old rails, creating a precedent for split rolling, but the development of split rolling technology has been relatively slow since then. The split rolling of continuous production was created by the Canadian Consolidated Steel Company in the 1970s, and subsequently, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries also applied this technology. Many countries in the world are studying the continuous production of continuous casting slab segmentation.

Slit rolling refers to cutting a rolled piece into two (or more) rolled pieces in the longitudinal direction by using a special roll pass and guide device on the section steel rolling mill, and then rolling out two (or more) finished rolled pieces. Material rolling process.

It can be seen from the slitting and rolling method that the slitting rolled materials are relatively close to each other, and the geometric dimensions are detected online. The installation of multiple calliper meters takes up a large area and is expensive. The slitting caliper is specially designed for The high-precision online inspection equipment developed by slitting and rolling and can complete the dimensional inspection of multiple slitting and rolling materials at the same time.

The caliper is used for three-slit, four-slit and five-slit rolling. In order to avoid the blocking of adjacent rolled materials and interference with the probe measurement, the distribution of the probes cannot be evenly distributed. The angle between the probes on both sides of the rolled material is increased to 40°, and the angle between the rest of the probes is 20°.

Distribution form of measuring units: The caliper is used for three-slit to five-slit rolling, so there are three sets of measuring units in the caliper.

Set up three sets of left, middle and right measuring units, of which the middle measuring unit and the right measuring unit are fixed, and the left measuring unit is connected with the small connecting plate through two sets of linear guide pairs, and the left and right positions can be adjusted. When measuring three-cut rebar, use the middle and right measuring units to measure the two sides; when measuring four-cut rebar, adjust the left measuring unit to the middle to measure both sides and the middle The three on the left; when measuring five-cut rebar, adjust the left measuring unit to the left to measure the three on both sides and the middle.

The adjustment of the left measuring unit is realized by turning the screw nut to make the lead screw expand and contract, and the adjustment distance is displayed by a scale.

Trisection caliper, Steel geometry measurement

Wide range of applications:

It can measure the size information of multiple rolled products under slitting rolling at the same time.

Large range, customized according to needs, high precision.

It can measure the inner diameter, transverse rib, longitudinal rib and other information of rebar.

It can measure the outer diameter and ellipticity of light round steel bars and other information.

Automatic online detection, simple operation, automatic measurement, saving time.

Simultaneous detection of multiple rolling materials improves efficiency and saves money.


Robust and reliable:

It can detect high-temperature rolled materials around 1300°C;

The ambient temperature ranges from -20 to +45°C, and the industrial computer and other equipment are installed in a better environment;

Ambient humidity is less than or equal to 85% (no condensation);

Moisture-proof, dust-proof, IP54 protection level;

Robust measuring body with fully enclosed housing;

The cooling and dust-proof system reduces the influence of dust, water mist, iron oxide scale, etc. on the measurement.

Slit-rolling technology has gradually become the main method for modern bar and wire mills to produce small-sized bars, especially hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, and provides an effective way for existing rolling mills to expand the range of product specifications. In addition, split rolling also creates conditions for the matching between continuous casting and steel rolling production, fully exerts its production capacity, and achieves the purpose of saving energy, reducing consumption, and reducing production costs. The future development direction of slitting and rolling technology is also developing in the direction of more and more slitting lines, faster and faster rolling speed, and a wider and wider range of slitting product specifications.

The slitting caliper is the equipment developed for this method. It is believed that with the increase of slitting and rolling factories, the application of the slitting caliper will become wider and wider.

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