See how steel is made in China’s high-end intelligent steelmaking plants

What is your impression of a steelmaking workshop?

Splashing steel
Steelworkers wear thick flame retardant suits
Sweating like rain in front of the steel-making furnace
That was an old scene from the era of “steel-making by physical strength” and “steel-making by experience”
Steel factory today
It has been upgraded to “intelligent steelmaking” and “one-click steelmaking”
Let’s go to the high-end steel intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory
HBIS Group Tangshan Iron and Steel New Area
To see how steel is made



1) The world’s first fully enclosed digital unmanned material yard

The world’s first fully enclosed digital unmanned material yard
Full of momentum


2) Raw materials are delivered to the material yard through a 1.4-kilometre fully enclosed corridor.

Iron ore, coal and other raw materials
Pass through 1.4 kilometres of fully enclosed corridors
Delivered directly to the unmanned material yard
Remote control, material tracking, intelligent mixing and batching
Fog cannon eagle eye capture automatic dust removal
Full-process intelligent operation of unmanned material yard


3) The overhead crane hoists molten iron into the converter operating area for automatic steelmaking

The overhead crane hoists molten iron at a temperature of more than 1,300 degrees Celsius
Precise pouring into the steelmaking converter
Automatically activate “one-click steelmaking”
Adding materials, temperature measurement and sampling are all completed automatically


4) The pneumatic sample delivery system transports steel sample “cannonballs” to the steel testing centre

How well does a furnace of steel go?
Steel samples were taken by an automatic sampling robot
Be installed into the pneumatic sample feeding system
driven by compressed air
The steel sample was fired like a cannonball
Walk through the 800-meter sky promenade
Landing at the receiving station of the Steel Inspection Center


5) Busy robot in steel inspection centre

The robots in the steel inspection centre are busy
Sample reception, sampling processing, automatic inspection
Result analysis, laser coding, transmission and archiving
From sample receipt to test results
Just 170 seconds


6) Continuous casting machine casts molten steel into continuous casting billet

Qualified molten steel enters the continuous casting machine
One-touch automatic pouring of continuous casting machine
Molten steel is cast into continuous-casting billets


7) The continuous casting billet is rolled into steel plates by rollers

Fiery red continuous casting billet
is transferred to the hot rolling mill
rolled into steel plate


8) The marking robot marks steel coils with steel numbers


intelligent steelmaking, coil marking robot


Steel coil rolls off the production line
Leave it to the number-spraying robot to add the steel number
Calibration, printing, washing, inking
One set of operations runs smoothly

9) 5G+ intelligent crane system automatically hoists steel coils

Unmanned overhead crane storage area
The country’s first 5G+ intelligent crane system
Automatically hoisting steel coils into transport vehicles

10) Steel coils are made into high-end galvanized steel through a cold rolling process

Hot-rolled steel coils are further processed through the cold-rolling process
Made into high-end galvanized steel

11) Tangshan Iron & Steel’s “Brain Center”—Production Scheduling Command Center

You may want to ask
where are the steelworkers
They are in the “brain centre” of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Production Scheduling Command Center

On a large blue screen more than ten meters wide
More than 100 processes in steel smelting
More than 4,000 key node data
Shown clearly in the One “scene”
Production operation, energy and environmental protection, logistics status
Real-time data aggregation, analysis, and processing

Intelligent management and control of the whole process
Integrating the world’s most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology
HBIS Group Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is moving into the field of high-end steel varieties

So far, the company has completed silicon steel, pipeline steel, automobile panels, etc.
R&D and production of 34 series and 248 key steel-grades
In-depth cooperation with automobile companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz and home appliance companies such as Haier and Gree
Create a high-end steel material manufacturing base
Intelligent manufacturing benchmark in the domestic steel industry
This is why Hebei’s steel industry is accelerating digital transformation
The epitome of high-end, intelligent and green development


Article source: “One-click steelmaking”, see how “steel” HBIS’s “intelligent steelmaking” is

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