Saudi AI intelligent Bar Counting System-the Fastest Installation Record In History

Project: The second set of bar counting system installation in Rajhi Steel, Saudi Arabia

Time: 2023.4.25~2023.5.6

During our 1st set of installation and commissioning, Rajhisteel was very satisfied with the professionalism of our system and technicians. They shared that another line also needs to install our system. LMM technicians gained Rajhisteel’s trust and got the 2nd set order.


bar counting machine


On the first day of on-site installation, we checked the preparations on-site. All the foundations have been prepared, the central extension unit and turning machine have been hoisted in place, and the laying of air pipes and cables has been mostly completed.

Afterwards, the main control cabinet and the end extension machine will be dispatched, the positions of the middle extension machine and the turning machine will be spot welded after confirmation, and the outermost chain of the chain where the sub-steel is located will be followed up to move outward.


installaiont of barcounting machine installaiont of barcounting machine installaiont of barcounting machine


Assembly of the main control cabinet and related accessories, power-on test, and air test


Assembly of the main control cabinet installaiont of barcounting machine


Off-line test, signal handover, further inspection of power-on and ventilation functions of the main control cabinet and related accessories


Off-line test Off-line test


Middle separation rod Installation, producing 20mm steel bars, online tracking adjustment, chain speed adjustment of each chain on the chain bed, etc.


producing 20mm steel bars


Follow up the production of 16mm steel bars, do training for operators and electrical personnel


production of 16mm steel bars train operators and electrical personnel


The installation of the project was a complete success, creating the fastest installation record


project was a complete success

Build Trust Relationship

After 2 sets of bar counting systems installation, we also build a good trust relationship with our customer. And this time, when finished the installation, the customer wants to come back to China with our engineer together, to visit our other intelligent equipment. The new cooperation will start again.


 Build Trust Relationship, LMM group


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