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Visual inspection

Focus on vision system solutions, with a core R&D team and property rights algorithms for measurement, detection, identification, positioning, and deep learning.

Visual inspection project

1. Roll ring inspection system
2.Intelligent and flexible process control system of the steel rolling back-end platform
3. Rebar physical size detection system
4. Bar counting and dividing system
5. Belt online monitoring system
6.On-line temperature measurement system for sintering machine tail and blast furnace
7.Depalletizing and palletizing process control
8. Vision casting billet automatic length measurement
9.Automatically measure the length of the finished product of the cooling bed after the double ruler is cut
10.Blank and bar defect detection
11. Heating furnace billet discharge and feeding length measuring system
12.Rolling online material type detection
13.Continuous casting billet character recognition system
14.QR code recognition out of library detection
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Industrial robot project

Excellent industrial robot system integration experience, novel tooling design, low failure rate, advanced and reliable technology, and accumulated experience of more than 300 project delivery.

Industrial robot project

1. Rod and wire welding, listing robot
2.High-speed wire roll changing robot
3.Cooling bed sampling robot
4.Forging robot
5.Welding robots
6.Slag and oil robot
7.OEM welding robot
8.Automatic reel changing robot for reel
9.Unpacking and stacking robot
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Intelligent inspection project

The inspection robot has the characteristics of uninterrupted, high frequency and strong environmental adaptability, which can avoid the safety risks of operation and maintenance personnel, and is more efficient, more comprehensive, safer and smarter.

Intelligent inspection project

1. Pipe gallery inspection robot
2. Electric power inspection robot
3. Coke oven vertical flue temperature measuring robot
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Unmanned Crane project

The unmanned transformation of crane and cargo transportation has the functions of automatic slag grabbing, precise positioning, anti-sway, and automatic avoidance, liberating people from heavy and dangerous areas.

Unmanned Crane project

1. Unmanned driving control system
2. Remote driving control system
3. AGV\RGV\IGV unmanned transport vehicle
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Металлургический интеллект
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Metallurgical Intelligence
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