Regional solutions for hot rolling production lines

technology for hot rolling

Comprehensive energy-saving and carbon-reducing technology for heating furnaces

Combustion process optimization

Improved heating efficiency

High-tech empowerment

An approximate physical “black body” is used to improve the furnace radiation rate, high absorption rate, high emissivity, dynamic balance, and electromagnetic waves following the principle of light waves.


After blackbody energy-saving technology transformation
1. The emissivity of the inner wall of the furnace wall is increased to 0.95
2. The inner wall area of the furnace is approximately doubled.
3. The originally disordered diffuse radiation on the inner wall of the furnace is transformed into directional radiation, the heating speed is increased, and the workpiece is heated evenly.

  • Energy saving rate of more than 5%, investment recovery in 12-18 months
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Optimize steel burning process
  • Improve heating uniformity

Unmanned oil depot technology

Collect L1 data information and monitor new key points, and use the data analysis model to implement fault alarms. Monitoring data and alarm information are displayed in a three-dimensional dynamic visualization interface. Remote experts conduct equipment status assessments in the remote operation and maintenance system, and communicate with maintenance personnel through AR glasses. Interaction, remote guidance on-site to solve equipment faults, and an efficient model in which remote experts use the remote operation and maintenance system to carry out oil depot care.

  • 3D dynamic display of equipment
  • Equipment principle and status display
  • Display of monitoring data and historical curves
  • Alarm information display
  • Display of actual scenes on site
  • Fault records and inspection report generation
Unmanned oil depot

Automatic pinch roller grinding technology

pinch roller grinding

The system is highly integrated and can automatically feed longitudinally and move horizontally without manual intervention.

The grinding module has strong adaptability to the roller surface, and the grinding block always fits the roller surface to ensure the quality of the roller surface.

Replaces manual roller surface grinding and eliminates safety hazards

Controllable online grinding can be achieved, reducing downtime and increasing output.

Potential energy recovery hydraulic energy-saving technology

Energy-saving technology direction: Provide a hydraulic balancing device to always provide a supporting force for the lifting frame of the heating furnace, which can balance the weight of the entire lifting frame and part of the billet. This allows the hydraulic system to lift with less force.

Balance device features:
1. It can provide a balancing force that adapts to the load weight as much as possible. Whether the heating furnace is in a load-increasing state or a load-decreasing state, the balancing force should be balanced with the load.
2. Do not change the mechanical structure of the equipment foundation and frame
3. Higher balancing ability and better balancing effect mean better energy saving effect.
4. Significantly reduce the flow rate of the hydraulic system

Hot rolled steel coil online slow cooling (IHT) technology

According to the interception and analysis of experimental data, the hot-rolled steel plate directly uses an insulation cover and then is slowly cooled and insulated, which is of great benefit to improving the temperature uniformity in the width or length direction of the steel coil.

Effectiveness analysis:

1. The head and tail strength of cold-rolled 980QP ultra-high-strength steel is softened (the strength is reduced by 150MPa); the elongation of hot coil is increased (elongation +2~+3%)

2. The hot-rolled automobile girder plate (B750L precipitation-strengthened steel) strip steelhead, tail and edge properties have been significantly improved; the overall yield strength is increased by 25MPa and the tensile strength is increased by 16MPa.

Hot rolled steel coil

Roughing roll surface lubrication technology

Under hot rolling conditions, high-hardness oxides generated by the contact between the work rolls, strip steel and cooling water adhere to the surface of the rolls, causing edge damage to the strip steel and reducing the life of the work rolls.

The application of rolling lubrication technology has greatly improved the continuous production operation rate of the production line, improved the strip edge quality, reduced roll replacement maintenance time and roll consumption, and saved comprehensive operating costs.

Roughing roll, surface lubrication

Roughing roller table heat preservation technology

The temperature drop in the middle of the slab in the rough rolling section of the hot rolling production line is large, which will lead to a high incidence of defects at the edges of the production line and make it difficult to control warping.

After adding heat preservation technology, the intermediate temperature drop will be controlled to within 5-10 degrees, thereby greatly reducing the incidence of edge defects, comprehensively improving the process control capability of the main rolling line, and improving the performance qualification rate of high-strength steel.


Other applied technologies

Optimized shearing technology

shearing technology

1) Achieve open and closed loop control, optimal cost performance
2) Improve yield rate
3) Reduce scrap rate
4) Significantly reduce manual intervention

Finish rolling stability technology

Finish rolling stability

1) Equipment, process, precision, multi-dimensional control
2) Improve rolling mill stiffness
3) Reduce scrap rate
4) Expansion of a variety of steel rolling

Oil purifier rental service

Oil purifier

1) Flexible usage mode
2) Oil quality is controlled in real-time
3) Reduce oil consumption
4) Full-process service

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