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Nowadays, intelligent equipment is widely used in various industries. For the steel industry, the harsh production environment requires the participation of intelligent equipment. This article describes a type of  automatic sampling equipment used in a bar production line, which is elaborated in the following three aspects:


  1. Why Sampling Robot is needed in the rebar / TMT bar manufacturing process?
  2. How to realize automatic sampling in the bar production line?
  3. How can you benefit from an automatic sampling robot?


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1. Why Sampling Robot is needed in the rebar / TMT bar manufacturing process?


During the production process of rebar, the rebar products rolled out of each billet must be inspected according to the national standard requirements and the internal control standards of the enterprise. The inspection contents include physical parameters of the sample rod, surface defects, negative difference rate, etc. Wait, the detection frequency is about 15 to 20 minutes. Once a problem exceeding the standard range is detected, the previous process must be notified in time to adjust the rolling mill pressure or replace the rolling equipment, otherwise, it will cause huge losses.


After the bar product is sampled on the cooling bed, the sample is in a high-temperature state (about 800°C), and the surrounding environment is also about 100°C. The working environment of the personnel working near the cooling bed is harsh, and improper operation will increase the risk of burns. The error of the bar after manual cutting is large, which affects its use. When there are a large number of bars that need to be cut, it will affect the production efficiency and thus affect the sampling efficiency.


Therefore, due to the harsh working environment at the sampling point, high labor intensity, high operational risk, low detection efficiency, and poor timeliness, all rebar manufacturers urgently need an intelligent analysis system to solve this problem in order to avoid the above problems.



The finished product sampling robot project of the rod and wire factory is mainly designed to solve the problem of manual sampling in the rod workshop. It is a highly automated and intelligent control system. It is installed at one end of the rod and wire stepping cooling bed. Reliability, accuracy, and timeliness lay the foundation for the subsequent on-site sampling intelligent laboratory.


Automatic bar sampling robot >>>

2. How to realize automatic sampling in the bar production line?


DBM uses 6-axis industrial robots, flame-cutting, static visual positioning, and a 3D vision system to realize the entire sampling, sample preparation, and measurement system functions. The system has high technical content, stable operation, and adjustable operating speed. In particular, the high-precision 3D vision system is applied in the steel industry, which is the first case in China.


The two robots work at the same time to complete the sampling, sample preparation, and measurement requirements within the specified time.


According to the customer’s actual situation, the sampling robot’s related equipment can be installed at the entrance or exit of the cooling bed.


1) The cooling bed sampling robot system project consists of a manipulator system, bar end visual recognition system, grasping system, gas (natural gas) shearing system, sample collection system, electric control system and on-site guardrails. Each part is an organic whole, and each module realizes the corresponding functions of fully automatic identification, grasping, cutting, and sample detection and collection.


2) Install a set of 1 robot automatic sampling system at the sampling position. According to the sampling signal or sampling time setting, after the bar is in place, the sampling work will be carried out. After the system receives the position information sent by the identification system, the sampling manipulator will automatically Move to a suitable position and grab the sample. After the grabbing is completed, the sampling manipulator will automatically gas cut and cut the sample to a length that meets the measurement specifications.


3) After cutting the sample, the performance sample is placed on the high-precision meter weight tester by the sampling manipulator to detect the negative difference of the sample, including the length, weight, and other data of the sample. The detected parameters are sent to the automatic system of the bar factory, and the negative difference The samples were cooled in the water tank by the sampling manipulator. The manipulator will pick up the cooled sample and move it to the automatic laser marking equipment for marking, and the marking data will be communicated by the primary (secondary) system.


4) After the laser marking is completed, the manipulator will pick up the marked samples and place them on the packing table to automatically complete the packing, and the packing quantity is controllable. The manipulator places the performance sample on the performance sample storage shelf, returns to the initial position, and waits for the next cycle.


Composition of the automatic sampling system


sample rod tracking and positioning length measurement system, intelligent flame cutting system, robot intelligent clamping system, main control cabinet, sample preparation robot system, size, and surface inspection integrated machine, automatic fixed-length system protection system sawing machine, automatic modules.


1) Industrial six-axis robot.

The main mechanical actuator is an industrial six-axis robot of ABB or other well-known brands. The latest ABB robot adopts an AC servo motor drive system, which has the characteristics of a compact structure, high output, fast response, high reliability, and convenient maintenance. , the robot should have simple teaching and programming features. Specific parameters of the robot: the farthest operating distance can reach 3.2 meters, and the effective load is 175kg; the number of axes: 6 axes; repeat positioning accuracy: 0.10mm; protection level: IP67.


sampling robot

2) Six-axis robot for sample preparation and labeling.

The industrial six-axis robot for sample preparation and labeling adopts ABB IRB 2600-20/1.65 and adopts an AC servo motor drive system. It has the characteristics of a compact structure, high output, fast response, high reliability, and convenient maintenance. At the same time, the robot should have simple teaching and programming features. The specific parameters of the robot: the farthest operating distance can reach 1.65 meters, and the payload is 20kg; the number of axes: 6 axes; the repeat positioning accuracy: is 0.10mm; the protection level: is IP67.


sampling robot

3) Sampling and cutting equipment.

The sampling cutting adopts plasma cutting (flame automatic cutting control system, with automatic ignition, automatic flow control and anti-tempering function.) technology, which can ensure the cutting of 40MM bars within 3S.

4) Special fixture device.

Clamps are installed on the clamping device and installed on the flange of the robot, which can clamp the sample and perform different actions at the same time.

5) The robot moves the guide rail.

The moving rail mechanism is driven by a servo motor, driven by a rack and pinion, and fixed with the ground by chemical bolts. The robot is installed on the moving guide rail to increase the working space of the robot.

6) Label printer.

The printer used in this system is a special label printer for the seller, and the imported Zebra brand printer is selected, with stable performance, fast printing speed and low failure rate. The printer can work stably in harsh environments, and has a high-precision print head, and has a print head self-test function, which can detect whether the needle is broken, avoiding unnecessary waste.

7) High-speed automatic fixed-length double-head sawing machine.

The high-speed automatic fixed-length double-head sawing machine can automatically cut samples with a length of 500mm to 1000mm, allowing the diameter of the bar to be ∅12 to ∅40 bars, and ensuring that the horizontal error of the sample preparation end surface is ≤0.1㎜. This requirement needs to consider the straightness of the sample Spend.


3. How can you benefit from an automatic sampling robot?


Completely replace manual sampling, automatic sawing, and automatic grabbing for sample testing after tackling key problems, and achieve standardization. Due to the large difference in the sampling length of different operators before, it is impossible to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of sampling.


The on-site temperature is high and the environment is harsh. There are certain risks in personnel sampling, and the labor intensity is high. After sampling by robots, the labor intensity of workers can be greatly reduced, and the risk of burns and bruises caused by sampling can be reduced. Greatly improve the safety factor.


  • Unmanned online sampling
  • Save manpower and improve the working environment
  • real-time sampling
  • automated sign
  • Quality tracking and traceability management

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