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Welding Robot



The welding robot workstation is an industrial robot engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying). It replaces manual work and can reach the level of advanced welders. It has high precision, fast speed, low spatter, and low-cost solutions, and can adapt to extremely harsh industrial application environments. Using vision technology, it can guide welding seam tracking and welding quality inspection, which is better than manual welding.

Visual multi-modal intelligent welding vision system

The multi-modal visual welding platform is specially designed for industrial welding without teaching scenarios. It can provide customers with a platform for rapid modeling and welding trajectory positioning of multiple varieties, small batches, low fixture positioning accuracy and large workpieces. This platform combines the advantages of a large field of view three-dimensional camera and a high-precision welding seam tracking sensor. It is equipped with multi-modal vision software that can quickly establish a scanning trajectory model of the workpiece, and then accurately scans the welding seam through the welding seam tracking sensor to realize the welding trajectory. position.

Multi-modal system for welding work: Draw the weld seam to be welded on the image to automatically find the weld seam for welding work. , this platform does not require the import of workpiece drawings or manual programming and teaching, which greatly improves welding efficiency.

The feasibility of installing vision on a single robot

The robot supports secondary development and can implement complex logic control operations.

Efficiency improved significantly

Manual teaching is used to perform welding work, and the manually operated robot performs point teaching on the welding seams that need to be welded.

Actual case of wind turbine oil tank welding

Acquire workpiece images via 3D camera

Just roughly draw the welding location and direction
Able to automatically plan welding paths and postures to guide the robot to complete precise welding

No programming or teaching required

Main parameters and configuration of key equipment

In order to facilitate the welding seam to reach the best welding position, this workstation is equipped with a positioner driven by a KUKA external axis servo motor and a KUKA precision reducer. The positioner frame is assembled and welded with high-quality plates, and the workpiece clamping table and the matching surface of the positioner frame are precision machined. All welded structural parts are made of steel plates and profiles. All welds are welded according to the requirements of equal strength welds. After welding, stress relief treatment is performed to remove the internal stress of the welding and effectively prevent processing deformation, thus increasing the service life of the machine and its stability during use.

Turning speed: 0~3r/min

Repeat positioning accuracy: ≤2arcmin

Electrical control system

1) On the comparator, the welding status and parameters can be visually monitored and the welding records can be retrieved at any time. The welding process and parameters (welding program) can be easily set for each workpiece, and the welding program can be stored and recalled at any time; during work, the workpiece is automatically welded according to the welding program selected by the operator. During welding, you can manually intervene in the welding. If the welding stops for some reason, intelligent processing will continue in the welding mode.

2) Record the start time, standby time and downtime, and also record the user’s operation records and alarm records.

3) Abnormal diagnosis and stop function: When there is an abnormality in control system components, robots, welding power supplies and other equipment, automatic diagnosis is performed, fault information is provided, and system safety is ensured; in the case of welding abnormalities, user operation abnormalities, etc., shutdown protection measures can be diagnosed and taken. It also has a welding gun mechanical anti-collision sensor, servo anti-collision, and interference field inspection.

4) The system has operating permissions, which are divided into general operators, senior operators, maintenance personnel, etc. Different permissions can only operate the corresponding buttons or modify the corresponding data, thus increasing the security of the system. It has “manual” and “automatic” selection functions. In “manual” mode, manual participation can be performed, and in “automatic” mode, the robot automatically completes the welding operation. It is equipped with power on/off indicator buttons; and an emergency stop button, which can make an emergency stop when an accident occurs.

5) The entire system adopts digital processing and can be connected to external devices through communication. All data can be stored and viewed remotely. Since the system uses a network connection, the system has great scalability, which improves convenience for adding workstations in the future.

6) This system has automatic saving and power-off memory functions. Once the system parameters are modified, the system will automatically save immediately. Even if the power is suddenly cut off, all parameters in the system will not be lost.

7) The circuit inside the control cabinet is oil-resistant and has wire number bushings, grounding marks, etc. for easy maintenance. The control cabinet is equipped with an exhaust and heat dissipation device. Standard wire trough boxes are used to connect the control cabinet to each process equipment, welding power supply and transmission line, which is standardized and tidy.

8) The equipment is equipped with emergency stop switches in many places, which can immediately stop any work of the equipment in an emergency.

9) The equipment is equipped with three fault alarm indications: red (equipment alarm or failure), yellow (equipment paused), and green (equipment is running), and are installed in obvious locations on the equipment. The operator can accurately know the current system operating status.

10) The equipment is equipped with a safety grounding system.

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