Intelligent control system of grab crane

Equipment overview

Single beam bridge cranes and grabs (electromagnetic cranes) are widely used in the mining industry. The existing operation mode is manual operation, the work of grasping waste is monotonous, the operation activities are simple and repetitive, the labor efficiency of personnel is not high, and it is easy to be fatigued and cause safety accidents. In order to improve the labor efficiency of personnel and adapt to the requirements of intelligent manufacturing in the steel industry, it is necessary to transform such simple and repetitive operations to realize automatic grasping of bulk materials, automatic matching of quantities, and automatic weight statistics.

Through unmanned transformation, it has the functions of automatic slag grabbing (bulk material), precise positioning, anti-swing, automatic avoidance, automatic weighing, remote control, automatic feeding and other functions. The shape, position, center of gravity, etc. of the transported object can be identified by scanning. The equipment runs smoothly, the working curve is smooth, and the service life is prolonged. Combined with the advanced warehouse management system (WMS), the intelligent management and unmanned operation of the garage management system are realized. Effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs and labor costs.

  1. On the basis of the existing crane, the transformation is carried out to realize the automatic completion of the unmanned crane system grab the bulk material from the slag pool to the stockyard, or grab the bulk material from the stockyard to the transport vehicle.

  2. Real-time detection of the three-dimensional position of the crane hook, monitoring the running state of the crane, with anti-sway function, the overall anti-sway scheme can effectively eliminate 90% of the swing, when the grab bucket is closed, the four wire rope maintain uniform force at all times.

  3. Visually track the status of the hook online, and judge the position of the hook in real time, so that the control system traverses the entire swirl well, realizes the grabbing at the edge, and has the function of protecting the grab bucket and the wall;

  4. Display work instructions on the road and monitor the execution of work instructions;

  5. The avoidance of the prohibited area is based on the target position of the operation instruction and the current position of the crane, combined with the material position data of the warehouse, and automatically calculates the optimal path for the crane to complete the avoidance of the prohibited area.

  6. The unmanned driving is designed according to the double insurance principle of “double signal, double detection and double correction”. It has functions such as automatic cruise, crane centralized control, remote monitoring, video linkage, automatic deviation correction, and safe path, etc., to achieve “unmanned operation, being monitored”. Communication fault detection between crane-mounted PLC and management station. When there is a communication fault, the equipment will automatically stop at the current position to ensure safety.

  7. When the material is discharged continuously, it has the functions of transferring material, stacking material, and automatic loading. The size of the crane is automatically recognized, and the loading amount is automatically calculated.


unmanned crane control


Typical mature application scenarios

The unmanned crane transformation is suitable for the scene of sludge, ore powder, coal, coke, scrap steel, waste residue, garbage and other bulk materials.

  • Unmanned crane system for slag grabbing in iron-smelting slag pool;

  • Unmanned slag grabbing crane system for steelmaking and rolling swirl wells

  • Unmanned crane system in scrap steel raw material area;

  • Unmanned crane system for slag fishing in sewage pool;

  • Unmanned intelligent system for crane in concentrate silo (dry coal shed).

System Features

  • Advanced and mature

The equipment and technology selected by the system represent the advanced and mainstream products and technologies in the world today, and are widely used in many fields.

  • real-time

The on-board and ground equipment transmits data through wireless local area network. The communication complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standard, and the maximum transmission rate can reach 54Mbps. In addition, the equipment has good wireless coverage and receiving performance, which ensures the real-time and rapidity of data transmission.

  • Accurate position detection

Using Gray bus detection technology, its absolute address information is true and reliable, there will be no code error, no accumulated error

  • High reliability

The equipment selected by the system is specially designed for the industrial site environment. Using mature sensors, fixed-point calibration and PLC system programming. It has high anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-vibration, high and low temperature resistance, dust-proof and waterproof performance, 365*24 hours of continuous operation, meet its use in steel and other enterprises.

  • High security

The crane grab only works in the designated area. If there are cars or people in the area, the program will set a prohibited area. The crane small car in the prohibited area will stop working and the grab will be raised to the limit position; fire safety in the storage area: real-time automatic Continuously monitor the temperature of coal piles in the reservoir area and set up flame and CO monitoring devices to give early warning of abnormality; anti-collision technology;

  • energy saving

Through the planning of the driving route, the invalid distance is reduced; the management efficiency is improved, and the efficiency is improved by the planning of the driving working mode and the path.

  • Intelligent

Using advanced software platform architecture, it can intelligently detect abnormal situations such as grab rope knots, inverted buckets, and wire rope out of troughs; set up wire rope group tension detection and automatic lubrication systems to intelligently detect blockage at the bin mouth and process coal breaking; It can judge the material blockage in the bin and alarm; it can judge that the material pile is frozen and automatically avoid the freezing area.

Technical indicators

Crane positioning and driving technical indicators

  • Big car detection accuracy:≤2mm
  • Big car control accuracy:≤50mm
  • small car detection accuracy:≤2mm
  • small car control accuracy:≤50mm
  • Main hook detection accuracy:≤2mm
  • Main hook control accuracy:≤50mm


Crane anti-sway

  • Anti-sway control accuracy:≤0.5°


System reliability

  • Unmanned operation rate: (1-manual operation time/total operation time):≥98%
  • Safety Interlock Accuracy:100%

System structure

The entire intelligent crane unmanned automation transformation project is divided into intelligent crane transformation, ground system, scanning monitoring system and intelligent software platform according to the modules.

  • The intelligent transformation of crane is divided into mechanical part transformation and electrical part transformation.

  • The scanning monitoring system system includes: laser scanning system, video monitoring system.

  • The ground system includes: equipment addition, ground control system, personnel access control system and vehicle control system, etc.

  • The functions of the intelligent software platform mainly include: intelligent warehouse management system and intelligent scheduling system.

Unmanned crane system



ground control system

The ground operating system includes a video surveillance system, a real-time operating system for crane status information monitoring, and a remote operating system. The remote operating system specifically refers to: the ground operating station has a corresponding operating console and corresponding crane status display devices, and the driver can complete the remote operation of the grab truck under the guidance of the semi-automatic system or by observing the real time video monitoring system by himself. This function is generally only used in emergency situations and video surveillance systems.

ground management server

Ground remote operation, planning, monitoring equipment.

Ground Operations

Client’s remote operation room and operation planning software and hardware.

Video Surveillance System

Communication modules, high-definition cameras, monitoring software, etc.

Field Control Panels and Operation Panels

Operate handle and controller on site

communication system

The main function is to communicate the on-board PLC with the ground control management server, transmit real-time crane information to the ground monitoring system and accept the automatic control instructions of the ground operating system. In addition, the signal of the video monitoring system is also transmitted through the communication system. The communication system mainly includes wireless AP, antenna, signal converter and optical fiber.

On-board control subsystem

The system on the board mainly includes frequency conversion control system, PLC control system, positioning system, grab system and weighing system.

board network access point

The communication conforms to the IEEE 802.11b/g standard, and the maximum transmission rate can reach 54Mbps.


Input modules, output modules, power modules, relays and other electrical devices.

on-board HMI

On-board operation man-machine interface

Z-axis height detection equipment

Encoders, accessories, communication cables are included.


Wire rope swing angle and Weighing cell

Weighing Cell Hardware Equipment and Accessories

Vision Control System

Full-field vision detection, camera shooting control software, image processing and analysis module, positioning module, etc

safety control system

Humanoid detection and early warning system

Loading/unloading position and loading detection system

Loading and unloading position positioning sensor, laser ranging equipment.

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