Two-Color Infrared Pyrometer

LMM two-color infrared pyrometer is solidly built with stainless steel core componed (with a diameter of 59mm) and stainless steel protection cover (with purging and cooling functions). Sealing parts are made of high temperature resistant rubber.

Protection grade reaches IP65. It is suitable for industrial applications. Dual infrared wavelengths input signals overcome application challenges such as small targets, variable emissivity, dust, water or other interfering media between the target and the pyrometer. Accurate temperatures are obtained even when the target is 95% obstructed. Both hardware and software are suitable for processing hundreds of thousands of times signals. It can meet users’ requirements for the instrument accuracy, repeatability, and other aspects.


Product Features

  • The measuring range covers 350℃~2500℃;
  • The accuracy of measurement can reach 0.5%, Repeatability is 2℃, the resolution for part of the products reaches 0.1℃;
  • Response time 10ms ~ 99.99s, adjustable;
  • Use the zoom lens to measure the distance from 0.35m to infinity;
  • The PID constant temperature control is adopted to eliminate the influence of environmental temperature on the measurement;
  • With high brightness green LED light source or visual eyepiece, it can clearly show the location and size of the measured target;
  • Possess both single wavelength and dual wavelengths temperature measurement functions;
  • Under two-color mode, lens dirty can be detected;
  • Use industrial OLED screen as display, which is user-friendly;
  • Rich peripheral interfaces: two independent analog outputs, two alarm outputs, one level output and one RS485 COM port;
  • The anti-interference design of hardware and software improves system stability and can resist 2500VDC pulse group interference;
  • It has the function of oxidation resistance measurement, and it is not affected by oxide.
  • It supports at most 26 thermometers by cascading, which is controlled by the PC network.
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