Trisection Caliper

Trisection caliper

Application range

Suitable for slitting and rolling production lines


Measuring principle

five-slit rolling


Arrangement of the measuring head

The diameter measuring instrument is used for three-slit, four-slit and five-slit rolling. In order to avoid the adjacent rolled material blocking and interfering with the probe measurement, the distribution of the probes cannot be evenly distributed. The angle between the probes on both sides of the rolled material is increased to 40 degrees, and the angle between the rest of the probes is 20 degrees.

Distribution form of measuring units: The calliper is used for three-slit to five-slit rolling, so there are three sets of measuring units in the caliper. The layout of the three sets of measuring units is shown in the figure.

Set up three sets of left, middle and right measuring units, of which the middle measuring unit and the right measuring unit are fixed, and the left measuring unit is connected with the small connecting plate through two sets of linear guide pairs, and the left and right positions can be adjusted. When measuring rebar split in three, use the middle and right measuring units to measure the two on both sides. When measuring the four-cut rebar, adjust the left measuring unit to the middle to measure the three left on both sides and the middle. When measuring the five-cut rebar, adjust the left measuring unit to the left to measure two and three in the middle.

The adjustment of the left measuring unit is realized by turning the screw nut to make the lead screw expand and contract, and the adjustment distance is displayed by a scale.


measuring head


Brief description of functions

Display content

LCD display in the main control room: the maximum/minimum diameter, average value, and ellipticity of the pipe section; the sub-item measurement values of each probe; the set steel pipe length, speed, nominal diameter, upper and lower tolerances, etc.; size fluctuation trend forecast (After inputting the length and speed of the steel pipe, it can correspond to the position of the outer diameter in the pipe), and the defect analysis curve.

Real-time display of pipe length changes, real-time pipe temperature values, maximum and minimum values and out-of-tolerance dimensions at the specific position of the pipe, and the cursor can be displayed when the cursor moves to the corresponding position; real-time display of the dynamic trend of the measurement data;

When the measured data fluctuates within the set range, the data is green; when the measured data is out of tolerance (that is, beyond the set range), the colour of the data is red.

Software function

Product parameter setting: product parameters, positive and negative tolerances and other parameters can be set;

System parameter setting: you can set the faulted channel, communication port, system zero calibration, etc.;

Data storage: data recording, data export EXCEL, historical data query, storage time is more than 3 years. The size at a certain moment can be queried, and the time is accurate to the second;

Alarm setting: You can set the alarm thresholds for over-tolerance, equipment over-temperature, and pipe over-temperature alarms
Correction function: automatic/manual, calibrate after inputting thermal expansion coefficient;

Automatic correction of temperature coefficient: with a temperature acquisition interface, it can be connected to an on-site pyrometer and automatically adjust the thermal expansion coefficient through the collected temperature (need to configure a thermometer)

Alarm function

Out-of-tolerance alarm: colour warning of relevant data in the main control room and sound and light alarm of the alarm;

Calliper over-temperature alarm: main control room alarm sound and light alarm;

Pipe over-temperature alarm: main control room alarm sound and light alarm.

Communication Interface

TCP/IP protocol, optical cable transmission, calliper to host;

TCP/IP protocol, optical cable transmission, host computer to the on-site LED screen.


External configuration

Three independent industrial computers are integrated into one control cabinet, three large display screens, and high-pressure fans.


Technical Parameters

Model Measuring range (mm) Rolled material diameter (mm) Round steel precision (mm) Rebar accuracy (mm) Repeatability (mm) Measurement frequency (HZ) Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H) Weight (KG)
JG24P-DG40 0-40 1-30 ±0.01 ±0.05 0.005 2000 2000*800*1300 1200
JG16ZP-DG70-A 0-70 1-55 ±0.02 ±0.07 0.01 2000 2200*360*1600 1400
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