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With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing, and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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Product introduction

The management granularity of different steel plants is different, and the number of measuring points can range from hundreds to tens of thousands. It is difficult to judge which measuring points have been tested and which have been missed. At this time, the unique management platform function of cloud thermal imaging will play its role!

The management platform can help steel plants establish their own inspection ledger and manage inspection tasks. Whether it is daily inspection or task inspection, it can effectively avoid the situation of missing inspection points.


  • Inspection

Through visual AI technology, the inspection system can quickly lock the detection point, and improve the granularity of equipment management from one surface to one inspection point, without manual aiming, and the inspection system itself knows where to inspect.

  • Diagnosis

In daily inspections, the troubleshooting of fault points usually requires the inspectors to have rich experience, and with cloud thermal imaging, even ordinary technicians with limited skills can perform inspections with the same high quality as professional workers.

The inspection system can automatically call the built-in equipment diagnosis rules or expert experience to assist the inspectors in diagnosing the current state of the equipment, and help the spot inspectors to improve the efficiency of equipment failure prediction and diagnosis.

  • Forecast

Many device defects are not achieved overnight, but a slow-moving process.

Through the precipitation of inspection data, we can discover the rules of equipment operation from these data. For the same equipment, the intelligent inspection system can display the temperature trend of each detection point in real time on the spot to prevent potential hidden dangers of the equipment.


After the inspection is over, the inspection report or report can be automatically generated with a click of the mouse, saving 90% of the data processing cost


Safe production is the top priority of the steel industry. At present, infrared thermal imaging technology is used by many companies for predictive maintenance, early detection of safety hazards, and stifling accidents.


  • Ladle temperature detection



The left picture above is a ladle, and the right picture is a thermal image of the ladle. We can clearly see that the temperatures of Sp1 and Sp2 on the thermal image are both over 380°C, indicating that the residual thickness of the two ladle walls has become thinner and needs to be repaired. Replace the refractory brick lining at the slag line.


  • Converter refractory defect detection



When the converter works for a long time, the internal refractory materials will gradually be eroded and fall off. The heat conduction speed of the worn part will be faster than that of the normal area. The temperature of the corresponding part of the furnace bottom surface will be high, and there will be obvious hot spots on the thermal image.



The picture on the left shows the converter, and the thermal image of the converter on the right shows that the maximum temperature of the furnace bottom exceeds 400℃, which can objectively reflect the damage degree of the furnace lining.


  • Hot blast stove refractory temperature detection

Because of the arc shape of the hot blast stove, especially the dome part, the refractory bricks of the insulating material are prone to cracks and fall off during production.

The use of thermal imaging cameras can quickly and accurately detect the damaged position of the dome lining, which is convenient for timely maintenance and ensures safe production.


  • Tundish packet penetration detection




Before the tundish piercing accident, the temperature of the outer steel shell of the tundish will rise abnormally. The accident of wearing a bag is a dynamic process and does not happen suddenly.

In this dynamic process, the thermal imager can monitor the tundish in real time, and give early warning through the gradient change of the thermal image and the temperature trend.


  • Defect temperature detection of hot blast stove body




If the shell and vault of the hot blast stove work for a long time, the surface refractory material will thin and fall off. If it is not found in time, it will seriously affect the stable operation of the entire process.

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