Rechecking system for Bundle Bars

The benefit of the bundle rebar reinspection system

The system can improve counting accuracy, reduce the labour intensity of workers, improve the construction environment, reduce the labour intensity of workers, simplify operations and quick construction.


The system hardware configuration and installation requirement

LW3000-I bundles bar counting system hardware structure layout are as follows:

Figure 2 system layout diagram

LW3000 bundle rebar rechecking system is in a bales bar weighing gantry end position. The system is simple to use, has high accuracy, large storage, and real-time online review of the whole bundle of bars, and can accurately check the number of bales bars. After checking, the count can be pictures and related data(date, review people, locations, steel grade, heat number, production team etc.) and images can be put into the review system;

The system has the function of clearing the count number, finding the counting error alarm, and reminding approval of manual intervention. A local display system(indoors) and a remote display system can be chosen.

The site needs to provide space, and the installation space requirements are as follows: based on the end face of the bundle of bars, the conveyor chain is 1000mm in the forward direction and 2000mm in the vertical direction.


Equipment installation location
Equipment installation location


Intended installation location of equipment
The intended installation location of equipment




Refer to the photos of the installation site
Refer to the photos of the installation site

Working principle of the system

Figure 9 system workflow

Technical requirements:

  1. Bundles rod end level is to be good, with no indentation, or concave phenomenon;
  2. There is no bend, pointed, blackhead, shade, critical is not clear, round head, sunshine interference, and mutual block phenomenon.
  3. The appropriate installation position, to avoid disturbances such as light barrier;


The system includes digital image processing technology, optical technology, analogue and digital video technology, and computer software technology. For rod end by a professional camera, imaging, by centre for enhanced video identification, through a computer algorithm optimization, bundles steel count. By the system reference weight and steel count judgment, Right and wrong, giving the alarm, reminding of artificial processing, reduce the error rate.


Technical indicators


Technical indicators

Because the counting process of this system is manually participated in the measurement review, after the counting error is manually corrected, the counting accuracy rate reaches 100%.

Data transmission with the original weighing system for judgment.

Add an automatic counting system at the weighing place to check the bundled steel bars after the steel division.

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