Within the thermal power, steel mills, coking, port, large logistics parks and other industries with large transportation volumes, dumper unloading is the main way of unloading railway open car bulk material. In the whole process of rollover operation, there are three positions that need manual assistance, which are the decoupling of the hook before the carriage enters the rollover, the righting of the coupler after the rollover and the breaking of the hook on the empty car line. This process has safety risks such as poor working environment, high working intensity and high risk of operation. In line with the intelligent concept of “reducing staff and increasing efficiency”, our company has successfully developed unmanned operation system equipment for dumper (including hook lifting robot, positive hook robot and rehook robot), in order to solve the above pain points of customers.

Improve personnel operation safety

Dumper unloading operation process, narrow operating space, personnel and compartment direct contact, continuous operation, accident risk factor is very high. Lifting hook, positive hook, rehook robot instead of manual operation, can avoid safety risks. Ensure production safety.

Improve the effective operation rate of the dumper

The working time of the hook lifting robot is continuous, and the working efficiency is stable, which can solve the problem of reducing the working efficiency of personnel fatigue. Essentially improves the production beat, and improves the effective operation rate.

Improve intelligently and digital operation

Effectively improve the degree of digitalization and intelligence, save labour costs, and realize less personnel inspection, unmanned operation and intelligent operation.

railcar dumper robot

Dumper hook lifting robot detailed parameters

hook lifting


>> Intelligent recognition

Intelligent identification of coupler type, through the use of high-precision positioning technology, point cloud denoising and point cloud segmentation technology to generate a hook-lifting scheme.

>> Automatic operation

By carrying sensors and other technologies, it can collect operation data, analyze the working data and running status of the robot, and provide data analysis, monitoring, management and visual presentation in the process of operation.

>> Intelligent operation and maintenance

The robot’s own perception, movement, control and other characteristics are connected with other devices through the network to realize real-time monitoring and fault analysis of the robot.

>> Safety protection

With abnormal action alarm, walking anti-collision, power-off protection and other safety measures, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.





Drive mode

Gear drive

Friction wheel drive

Travel speed


Hook load


Positioning mode

3D camera + lidar

Positioning accuracy


Use temperature


Rated power


Applicable model


Success rate


Unhook time


Recognition time


Safety protection

laser obstacle avoidance、personnel intrusion testing、 Emergency stop remote control

Warning form

Sound and light alarm

The extension function

Support customization

Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

Металлургический интеллект
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