Plastic-steel Belt Topping And Traversing Baler

  • Adopt the top-down press head mobile packing method.
  • The machine head adopts two-way pulling technology, which is closer to the packing of goods and prevents
    The strap is too long after packing.
  • The baler is suitable for packing bandwidth 16/19/25/32 specifications, thickness 0.60-
  • Using high-speed friction welding, the welding point is stronger and the braking force is greater than
    industry standard.
  • The belt groove guard plate is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.
  • Purely mechanical recovery belt car, with a low failure rate.
  • A High-speed DC brushless motor is used to avoid the trouble of frequent replacement of carbon brushes
  • The packaging equipment runs stably, and the success rate exceeds 98% when qualified consumables are used.


Plastic-steel baler

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