Pipe Gallery/ Belt Inspection Robot

The environmental monitoring sensor carried by the intelligent inspection robot of the pipe gallery can monitor the environment in the pipe gallery; it carries visible light and infrared thermal imaging cameras, which can identify the equipment status, temperature, humidity, gas leakage, water accumulation, and fire in the pipe gallery, meter readings, etc. for intelligent identification, so as to fully understand the safe operation status of the pipe gallery and equipment in the pipe gallery remotely.

inspection robot, industrial coke oven

Most of the inspection and maintenance work in petrochemical industries, mines, large conveyor pipe corridors, water pump rooms, urban comprehensive pipe corridors, substations and other places rely on manual regular inspections and on-site duty. However, manual inspections have the following disadvantages and are often unable to collect valid data.

1) The environment is complex, the space is small, the air quality is poor, and high temperatures are common, causing obstacles and interference to manual inspections;

2) The frequency is low and the interval is long, so equipment failure cannot be discovered in time;

3) Manual inspection operations cannot be performed during equipment operation;

4) The data obtained manually is difficult to be systematic and has low reference significance;

5) Working in dangerous places threatens the life safety of inspection personnel.


Especially in the production plant of a metallurgical enterprise, if the problems cannot be discovered in time, such as whether the valves are opening and closing normally, instrument values are read, equipment surface temperature changes abnormally, gas changes in the production area inspection lines, abnormal sounds in the production area inspection lines, etc. they will cause bigger problems and great direct and indirect economic losses.

Intelligent rail-type inspection robots can replace humans in some monotonous and repetitive tasks with high intensity and long duration, freeing workers from a heavy working environment. It can not only improve work efficiency but also ensure the safety of personnel and realize dangerous tasks, realising unmanned and less-manned operations in the work area. In addition, robots can also enter areas with small spaces that are usually difficult to reach and expand the scope of operations. They are an important part of digital, unmanned, and intelligent production.

The intelligent rail-type inspection robot is equipped with a variety of intelligent sensors such as infrared thermal imaging sensors, gas sensors, audio sensors, and 360-degree video cameras. It can collect, store, and transmit on-site images, sound, temperature, smoke, methane and other data in real-time. Data analysis can determine equipment faults and fault locations, completely replacing manual inspections, reducing labour risks, and improving the level of intelligent management.

inspection robot

Typical mature application scenarios

The orbital inspection platform is suitable for installation when there is no available ground environment in the space. The location cannot be changed at will after installation.

1) Belt inspection machine

2) Large conveyor pipe gallery machines (some explosion-proof areas)

3) Water pump room inspection machine

4) Inspection of urban comprehensive (power) pipe corridors

5) Power distribution room, 110KV substation, 10KV substation inspection

6) Coke oven bottom inspection (explosion-proof)

7) Inspection of gas cabinets in the ironmaking area (explosion-proof)

8) Coke oven top temperature measurement inspection (explosion-proof)

inspection robot
inspection robot
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