Overhead crane safety AI warning system

Overhead crane, as an indispensable lifting tool in the production workshop, is frequently controlled and moved by operators every day. Since the operators’ attention is mainly on the overhead crane and the hoisted objects, the pedestrians under the overhead crane are in the blind spot and cannot be taken into account. There are serious safety hazards. The accidental fall of the hoisted objects will cause extremely serious damage to the life safety of pedestrians under the overhead crane.


overhead crane safety, steel mill crane


Overhead crane safety AI warning system technical solution

During the start-up or movement of the overhead crane, the “overhead crane guard ZK-GUARD100” can pay attention to the area under the overhead crane in real time. When objects or people appear in the warning area, the perception unit will feed back the monitoring results to the main control unit. After analysis through the AI ​​intelligent algorithm, it is confirmed that it is a person entering the warning area. The main control unit immediately sends an alarm signal to the alarm unit, activates dynamic light and shadow reminders in the warning circle, activates the overhead crane parking reminder in the danger circle, and the movement control signal of the overhead crane is controlled. It cannot be moved or raised, and timely warns of safety hazards so that safety is the first priority on the journey.

When the personnel leave the warning circle or danger circle, the alarm is automatically released, the light and shadow stop the alarm prompt, and the crane can be controlled normally; in addition, the main control unit can display real-time monitoring video and save alarm records for easy review.

In the actual use of the crane, the scene is relatively complex, and the hoisting objects usually require the assistance of the operator to reach the designated location. However, when the personnel appear in the warning circle, the parking alarm has been activated and cannot continue to move. The crane guard ZK-GUARD100 has an independent intelligent recognition and release algorithm to make it better adapted to on-site applications. After the staff confirms safety, they can make fixed actions within the monitoring range, and the visual signal can be used to identify, prompt and release the algorithm, and then the hoisting work can be resumed.

At the same time, during the use of the crane, the crane guard can locate in time and inform the crane operator of the current area prompt, effectively reducing safety hazards.


overhead crane safety, steelmill crane


To address the overhead crane safety threats, blind spots, and inconvenience of intelligent management of overhead cranes, the Crown Crane Guardian ZK-GUARD100 integrates the main control unit, perception unit, alarm & linkage unit, and display unit. Based on AI artificial intelligence visual detection, it integrates the independently developed intelligent AI algorithm to form a multi-level warning circle with the crane hook as the centre, forming a complete intelligent monitoring system, giving the crane “vision” and achieving safety early warning for the crane.


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