Online Laser Diameter And Ovality Measurement Device

The measurement principle of laser diameter and ovality measurement device

Using a CCD array sensor and pulse laser light source, the outer diameter result is calculated by directly analyzing the distribution characteristics of the diffraction waveform of the edge of the object being measured. There are no moving parts and optical lenses inside, the structure is simple and the reliability is high.

Laser diffraction measurement scheme

1) 0.0001mm repeatability

The principle of motorless and laser diffraction is adopted, combined with the original algorithm, so that each measurement is the same, achieving ultra-high repeatability.

2) High accuracy is maintained even in the presence of vibration

The high-speed exposure device can clearly identify the measuring objects that change instantly, such as vibrating workpieces, and eliminate vibration errors.

3) No drive and optical lens

Without any moving parts and optical lenses, there is no need to worry about measurement errors caused by the ageing of moving parts, and it can be used safely on site for a long time.


Ovality Measurement


Features of laser diameter and ovality measurement instruments

(1) High-speed exposure

Using CCD array sensors and pulsed laser light sources, a single exposure of up to 0.2us can clearly identify instantaneous measuring objects such as vibrating workpieces and eliminate vibration errors.

(2) Dual-axis measurement, smaller blind area, and can also measure ovality

When the number of axes increases, the “blind area” is smaller and the measurement results are more reliable.

(3) No motor, optical lens

Because there is no motor, there is no need to maintain or replace the motor, which greatly reduces the maintenance process.

(4) Able to adapt to harsh environments such as smoke, dust, and temperature changes, the measurement is still accurate

The excellent algorithm adaptability and the optional air supply device greatly improve the environmental adaptability of the equipment, and it can maintain long-term stable operation even in harsh environments such as smoke, dust, and temperature changes*.

(5) Real-time viewing of wire measurement data and real-time understanding of wire conditions

The data collected by high-speed exposure is statistically analyzed by the software system and connected to the touch screen so that the wire measurement data can be observed in real-time.

(6) Supporting software for convenient data management

Through the LCD display, users can view and save measurement data at any time, and summarize and analyze the data to achieve data traceability management.

(7) PI outer diameter automatic feedback control, automatically stabilizes the outer diameter near the nominal value

According to the real-time measured diameter value, the output can be used as the speed control input of the extruder and traction machine through closed-loop feedback, so that the output outer diameter is automatically stabilized near the set nominal value.

(8) Rich interface resources

The rich control functions and interactive interfaces make the F series not only a diameter gauge, but also a terminal device that integrates data processing, communication, alarm, display, and control, which can be used in various scenarios.

Application scenarios of laser diameter and ovality measurement device

The laser diameter and ovality measurement device are mainly used to measure the outer diameter and ovality of various pipes, bars, and wires such as wires and cables, steel wires, iron wires, copper rods, enamelled wires, plastic wires, power cables, aluminium-plastic pipes, steel, medical pipes, and water pipes.



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