Monochromatic Infrared Thermometer

  •  Product characteristics
  1. The temperature measurement range covers 100 ℃ ~ 2200 ℃.
  2. The temperature measurement accuracy can reach 0.5%, and the repetitionaccuracy is 2 ℃.
  3. Response time 5ms~99.99s adjustable
  4. Resolution 0.1 ℃
  5. By using an adjustable focal lens, measuring distance is from 0.35m to infinity
  6. High brightness green LED light source or eyepiece aiming can clearly display the position and size of the target to be measured.
  7. The ambient temperature compensation is used for the detector to eliminate the influence of the ambient temperature on the measured temperature.
  8. The industrial OLED screen is used as the display interface, and the man-machine interface is friendly.
  9. Rich peripheral interface: programmable analog output, alarm output, 15 level output and 1 RS485 communication interface.
  10. Hardware and software watchdog, hardware EMI filter and other design to improve the stability of the system
  11. Robust to 2500VDC burst interference
  12. The bus cascade of up to 26 thermometer is supported, and the networked control is realized
    by PC.


  • Applicable situation

The measured object has a large measuring area (fully capable of filling the target field of
view), a flat surface (unbent), a measurement direction of less than 30 degrees, and a stable
physical and chemical state of the measured object (not in the process of oxidation, gasification
and liquefaction). Measurement of the temperature of an object in the case of less dust in the
optical channel and no blocking and attenuation.

  • Technical parameters

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