Molten steel temperature measurement and sampling robot

Robot automatic temperature measuring & sampling system is urgent in need

Temperature measurement and sampling is an important link in the steelmaking process, but currently most steel plants are still completed manually.

  • High-temperature and dust environment
  • Injured by splashing steel slag in manual operation
  • Unstable measured result
  • Steelmaking accident


Advantages of molten metal temperature measurement robot

  • Flexible and convenient, save time
  • Improve the working environment and reduce duplication of labor

  • Avoid human interference

  • Improve the success rate and accuracy of temperature measurement and sampling

  • Reduce steel mill costs


Automatically complete probe loading, automatic insertion of molten steel temperature measurement and sampling, automatic precise measurement, automatic unloading of the probe, “accurate action and measurement”

“Manual temperature measurement and sampling environments are poor, dangerous, and labour-intensive. Robots can solve many problems by replacing labour.”

Originally, an operator stood in front of a 150-ton electric furnace with a 10-kg temperature measurement sampling gun and inserted it into a 1500-degree Celsius steelmaking furnace for temperature measurement and sampling. Ten to twenty furnaces of steel a day, 24 hours a day, every furnace steel temperature measurement, sampling one or two times, it is estimated that there are at least 50 times a day, at least 18,000 times a year. In order to ensure the safety of the operators, the electric furnace must be powered off for about 2 to 3 minutes during temperature measurement and sampling. At least 18,000 power outages of the electric furnace a year will have a great impact on the production rhythm and the stability of the furnace condition.

Introduction of molten metal temperature measuring system

RITMSCS is high-performance automation equipment based on the industrial robot, which makes use of the flexibility of the robot to automatically install the probe, automatically measure and sample the temperature, and automatically dismantle the probe.

molten metal temperature measuring system
Working process:
  1. Install the temperature probe or sampling probe

  2. Temperature measurement sampling gun extended

  3. The probe gun is inserted under the molten steel surface

  4. Measure molten steel temperature or take samples

  5. Discard the used temperature probe or place the sampling probe

  6. Waiting for the next temperature measurement or sampling order


System component:
  • Main control system
  • Robot system
  • Probe installation and dismantle system
  • Detection system
  • Peripheral equipment


Technical parameter

Temperature measurement range

1515~1800℃(Make sure that all steel scraps are melted)

Temperature measurement accuracy

≤±5℃(Under the same test condition)

Single temperature measuring cycle &or sampling period

≤60 seconds(The time for probe installation and dismantle is exclude)

Success rate of automatic probe installation and dismantle


Success rate of temperature measuring & sampling


Probe quantity in storage box

25 pcs(or customized)

Applications of the molten steel temperature measurement robot

  • EAF temperature measuring & sampling
  • LF temperature measuring & sampling
  • Tundish Temperature measuring & sampling and feeding coverage agent
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