Mining wire rope core conveyor belt X-ray flaw detection device

1. Overview

The X-ray flaw detection device of the steel wire rope core conveyor belt is mainly used to detect damage to the steel wire rope and the joint status of the steel wire core conveyor belt. Equipment consists of: X-ray emission box, X-ray receiving box, bracket device, computer, etc. The equipment is connected through signal cables and optical cables.

2. Working environment conditions

a. The altitude does not exceed 2000m (80 Kpa -106Kpa);
b. Operating environment temperature: (-20~+40)℃;
c. Ambient air humidity: ≤95%RH (at +25℃);
d. In a place without significant shaking and impact vibration;
e. Containing explosive gas mixtures of methane and coal dust, but no gas and steam environment sufficient to corrode metal and damage insulation;
f. A place without dripping water;
g. Pollution level: Level 3; Device category: Class III;
h. Protection level: ΙР57.

3. Working principle

Using the principle of X-ray perspective, the X-ray emitter generates X-rays that penetrate the belt being inspected. The X-ray receiver receives the X-rays emitted by the Ray launch box, the launch box compresses and modulates the transmitted data into an optical signal, and transmits it to the ground optical conversion module through an optical fibre to store the detected belt data on the host computer for real-time detection and safety assessment.

4. Product installation

Product installation diagram:

conveyor belt monitoring system


This device mainly consists of an X-ray transmitting box, X-ray receiving box, host computer, bracket device, optical fibre, etc.

1) The X-ray emission box is the X-ray emission light source mainly composed of an X-ray generation controller and an X-ray generator.

2) The X-ray receiving box consists of a line array receiver. It mainly receives the X-rays emitted by the X-ray emitter, converts them into data signals through the AD converter, and then sends them to the X-ray emission host through the signal modulator.

3) The upper computer performs real-time fault analysis and processing and generates a fault report.

4) The bracket device supports and fixes the X-ray emission box and X-ray receiving box.


conveyor belt monitoring system

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