Metallurgical Casting Dust Removal System

As metallurgy technology continues to advance toward automation, large-scale, and high efficiency, with the goals of low cost, low consumption, and low pollution, metallurgy plant dust control has become a key task in the construction of ecological civilization.

Factories should choose appropriate dust control methods according to different situations to meet the new emission standards and reduce atmospheric pollution.

Smoke and dust control and environmental protection engineering projects for large metallurgical casting enterprises:

  • Medium frequency furnace dust removal system
  • Electric furnace dust removal system
  • Refining furnace dust removal system
  • Blast furnace gas dry dust removal system
  • Material yard dust removal system
  • AOD furnace flue gas purification system
  • High-efficiency desulfurization and dust removal system
  • Slag treatment and dust removal system
  • Ultra-low emission projects for long- and short-process metallurgical enterprises, etc.
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Continuous casting bale rotary dust hood
furnace dust remove
Medium frequency furnace mobile capture hood
convection air cooler
Natural convection air cooler
AOD furnace dust cover
AOD furnace dust cover
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