Metal surface quality visual inspection system

Focusing on the metal industry, we provide AI visual inspection solutions for the entire process of hot continuous casting, hot-rolled coil ends, and cold-rolled processing lines in the steel and non-ferrous metal fields, helping customers improve their product quality control level.

Inspection section of metal surface quality visual inspection system

The metal surface quality inspection system can be used for continuous casting, medium and thick plates, hot-rolled ends, pickling, continuous annealing, coating, recoiling/slitting, aluminium and copper plates and strips, copper foil and aluminium foil.

Quality control elements

1) Inspection standards

2) Core defect detection

3) Quality grade discrimination

4) Secondary data mining

On-site parameters

*Production line category

*Production line speed

*Material thickness

*Material jitter and deviation

*Material surface structure

*On-site ambient temperature, humidity, water mist, particles, etc.

DBM provides a full range of machine vision AI inspection applications for the steel industry. Based on our rich industry experience, combined with standardized products and non-standard customization capabilities, we can tailor your inspection needs. Your choice determines that the system can run smoothly with the shortest debugging time. The DBM metal surface quality defect AI detection system has the highest reliability and stability.

Features of metal surface quality visual inspection system

1) Material properties + defect detection data

* Core focus on defects, periodic defects

* Defect detection rate guarantee

2) Process experience integrated into the surface inspection system

* Balance between process setting and defect detection;

* Defect trend, timely adjustment of process parameters;

3) Quality management optimization

* Design quality rules for different end customers;

* Defect grading, product quality grading;

* Transmission of inspection data for each process;

The value of the DBM metal surface quality visual inspection system

  • Eliminate the outflow of core defects
  • Eliminate batch defects and reduce production capacity losses
  • Reduce customer complaints and improve economic benefits
  • Definition of automatic levels of products for different customers
  • Data mining, analysis and application of front and back process inspections
  • Typical components of smart manufacturing and enhance brand effect

The system uses standard industrial cameras, lenses, and light sources, optical designs that meet application scenarios, image AI intelligent processing units, and industrial-grade hardware systems that meet the steel site environment. It adopts a scientific and advanced industrial inspection software platform, excellent inspection algorithm and AI model, and has a massive defect database. It can detect holes, stains/black spots/mosquitoes, corrosion points/oxides, scratches/scratches, concave/convex points/foreign matter indentation, roller marks, low-contrast roller marks, peeling, scarring, oil stains/oil spots, missing coating, zinc slag and zinc ash, peeling/wrinkling, structural defects, etc.

Hardware system and software system

It adopts standard industrial high-speed line scan cameras and high-resolution digital cameras. Various camera models can be selected for inspection, 2k/2048, 4k/4096, 8k/8192, 12k/12288, 16k/16384 pixels. The maximum line scan speed (line frequency) can reach 200,000 lines/second; the scanning frequency can be automatically adjusted according to the change in vehicle speed. High resolution reduces the number of applied cameras, reduces costs, and has higher accuracy. Convenient integration, easy maintenance, and standardized spare parts. Low cooling requirement (no cooling is required if the ambient temperature is below 45°C). A customized camera protection cover is installed to extend the camera life.

Application examples of the metal surface quality inspection system

Bar Surface Defect Detection System

bar surface defect, defect detection, Metal surface quality

It can detect periodic and batch product surface defects in the first place during high-speed production, making it easier for users to achieve efficient quality monitoring and equipment pre-maintenance.

Detection accuracy

Imaging resolution: 0.5mm/pixel

Detection rate

Detection rate ≥95%, common surface defects on production lines, including pits, scratches, indentations, roll cracks, scars, cracks, etc.

Recognition rate

The recognition rate of common defects ≥90%, common defects include cracks, pits, scratches, indentations, roll cracks, other defects recognition rate ≥85%

Aluminum Strip/Aluminum Foil Application

metal surface quality

Strip Surface Defect Detection System

plate surface quality

Defect detection rate

The system’s detection rate is ≥95%, and common surface defects on the production line, include scratches, cracks, roller marks, indentations, inclusions, edge cracks, etc.

Defect recognition rate

The system’s recognition rate for common defects is ≥90%, and the recognition rate for other defects is ≥85%.

Data processing function

Defect classification, sample training, spatial analysis, frequency cycle analysis, product grading

Technical specifications
Measurement principle Multi-angle lighting line scanning imaging and pattern recognition
Light source LED line array light source
Applicable production line Applicable to plate and strip production lines of different widths and thicknesses
Product model   QCV-P08W  QCV-P12W  QCV-P2U12W  QCV-P5U12W
Width range  ≤600mm 600mm-1250mm  1300mm-2500mm ≤5000mm
Applicable product line Thin plate Thin plate Thin plate, medium and thick plate Thin plate, medium and thick plate
Rolling speed 0~40m/s
Resolution 0.15~0.30mm/pixel
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