Laser Profilometer

laser profilometer

The DBM profiler can be applied to profiles of any cross-sectional shape, such as round, square, rebar, hexagonal, rail beam, T-shaped, H-shaped and other long products. At the same time, the full-coverage measurement method enables the equipment to perform qualitative and quantitative detection of defects such as folding, warping, pits, grooves, and lugs on the surface of the rolled material. The measurement software system fits the cross-sectional shape according to the measurement data of each sensor, and can visually display the cross-sectional shape and key dimensions of the rolled material on the software interface.

The DBM profiler integrates the latest technology in the industry and meets all the requirements of most modern binding wires for high-precision and high-frequency measurements. Immediate identification of defects in rolled products enables operators to decisively identify defective products, thereby increasing the profitability of the production line. Profilers allow the detection of localized and periodic surface defects, as well as dimensional changes in rolled products, by monitoring the cross-section and subsequently developing a high-resolution display of the complete surface.



The equipment is mainly equipped with a duckbill side-blowing dust-proof system, a self-circulating cooling system, an embedded intelligent module, an external configurable automatic height-adjusting lifting platform, a host computer control system an external LED display, etc.

Detect Surface Defects

Laser Profilometer, detect surface defect

Basic Principal

Laser Profilometer

The DBM profile measuring instrument uses 4 evenly distributed two-dimensional laser measurement sensors to measure the section of the rolled material, and the 4 sensors cover the entire section of the rolled material so that there is no blind area measurement.


Brief description of functions

Fully enclosed measuring unit, which can effectively resist impurities such as scale, water, and dust;

Adopt a closed-loop water circulation cooling concept, no water consumption;

Full-scale measurement, no measurement blind area in the lateral direction, can measure various characteristic dimensions of complex sections;

The measurement frequency is up to 4000HZ, and the longitudinal measurement blind zone is small;

Automatic expansion calculation, measuring the hot rolled material to display the normal temperature size;

Graphical display, real-time fitting of rolled section graphics according to measurement results;

On-line statistical evaluation, real-time measurement and real-time evaluation, a timely reflection of rolled material size and surface defects;

Data and graphics are archived for future reference, and historical measurement data can be called at any time

Application range


On-line surface defect monitoring of rolled steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Technical Parameters

Adapt to rolling speed (m/s): 130

Measuring range (mm): 0-200

Measurement accuracy (mm): ±0.03

The smallest defect that can be identified (mm): 0.5

Measurement frequency (HZ): 4000

Laser Safety Class: Class 2

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