Bundle rebar online welding tag system


Label welding robot is bar production line for steel enterprise specialized research and development of automatic weighing, automatic positioning, automatic input data, automatic printing product brands, automatic welding plate of multi-functional intelligent automation system, the product USES the integration integration design, 3 d image recognition, parts modular design, standardized production, product covers an area of small, fast;  Products replace the traditional production process using manual printing labels, manual data entry, manual welding signs and other tedious operations, to avoid the safety risks of workers on the site, to eliminate man-made printing signs, data entry, welding signs and other errors;  Reduce labor and labor intensity of operators to meet the needs of high-tempo and high-intensity production.  

The robot completed the printing, licensing and welding of 2 labels within 25S.

If the customer needs to complete a bundle of review work (optional).

Bundle rebar online welding tag system


2.1 Main technical parameters

Product diameter:Φ10~Φ40mm;    

Cutting length:9~12m;     

Steel bundles temperature:≤400 ℃(Hot rolling after cooling)


2.2 Installation technology

The first way: the welding robot is installed on one side of the finished product collecting platform. Each collection system is equipped with two sets of welding robots for signs, and one end is hung with an identification label.  

The second way: the welding robot for labels is installed on one side of the finished product collecting platform. Each collection system is equipped with a welding robot for signs, and two identification plates are hung at one end.

Automatic Label Welding Robot

Equipment function and technical parameters

3.1 Main technical functions

  • It can realize the label printing, cutting, label on the data from MES, two level automation, metering system, identification data in order, according to the set order, automatic printing, at the same time with the second level to print the signal to perform the printing action;  Rod according to the corresponding sequence of data transmission, reach the robot automatic welding label area, automatic stop, waiting for the robot welding label action is completed, and then continue downstream transmission  
  • It can realize the detection of labels, automatic label sorting, automatic positioning;  
  • It can realize the manipulator automatic label, label clip, back label;
  • It can realize the bar position automatic recognition, automatic label welding;
  • It can realize automatic sorting, sending and withdrawing of welding nails;
  • It can realize real-time monitoring of the operation of the system, abnormal situation real-time alarm;  
  • The function of rechecking the number and number of steel bales can be realized, and the rechecking quantity and results can be transmitted to the secondary system of production line;  
  • High temperature and dust protection can be realized;
  • Provide an independent HMI screen and access to the control center;

3.2  Main technical parameters

  • One time welding success rate: ≥99.7%;
  • The number of welding label blocks: 2 pieces/bundle, butt end welding, welding in the center of bar end face;  
  • The completion time of two ends welding 2 labels: ≤15s, the completion time of single head welding 2 labels: ≤25s;  
  • Equipment operation rate: ≥99.8%
  • Visual system welding spot recognition rate: 100%;
  • Automatic nail feeding system capacity: > 10 / min;
  • Reinspection accuracy of steel bales: 98%/ (calculated by bales)

System composition

The welding labels system is mainly composed of six-axis industrial robot, 3D visual identification system, steel bundle number recheck welding system, welding nail sorting device, sign printing and positioning device, safety protection system, electrical control cabinet, local operating platform (with the same function as HMI) and operation control hardware and software.  

  • Six-axis industrial robot is adopted as the action platform, which can achieve the function of multi-angle free welding. The system is equipped with first-line brand robot.  
  • Use special label printer, printing labeling series system is reliable, flexible, strong, and can communicate with the production line data, and can be configured for a variety of applications, can realize the printing of ordinary numbers, letters and ASCII code, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code.  
  • Automatic welding brand machine application of advanced microcomputer processing technology, control of the welding timing sequence, energy storage capacitor energy release size, the steel sign instant welding hanging on the steel end face, so that the steel sign position is obvious, and does not destroy the integrity of the base metal.  
  • Automatic nail feeding system: nail splitting mechanism, direct vibration flat feeding mechanism, high reliability.  The vibration control adopts CUH intelligent digital pressure regulating vibration feeding controller, which controls the disk feeder and vibration nail feeding straight slide to complete the nail feeding to the fixed position for the robot to take the nail.  The fault tolerance of the nail feeding device is 99.99% when the nail specifications meet the design standards of the nail feeding device.  
  • Label printer, welding nail feeding device with a standby automatic hot change function, can be freely combined.  
  • The control cabinet and the machine have high temperature and dust protection system, which can effectively prevent the influence of high temperature and dust on the system.  
  • The automatic welding label system has the function of rechecking the number of finished steel bales. The detected number is compared with the number of steel bales of corresponding specifications. If there is any abnormality in the steel bales, the automatic welding label system will remind the manual rechecking with sound and light alarm on the control screen and the scene (optional).  
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