Steel coil automatic labeling robot

Equipment Introduction

At present, due to the fast production speed of export, the color coating unit produces an average of 150 rolls per shift, and each roll is affixed with two labels. Manual operation has the following problems:

1) Labeling cannot be unified and standardized;

2) Manual labeling, there will be errors in information and the risk of mislabeling;

3) The labor cost is high and the efficiency is limited.

4) Manual labeling, there is a safety hazard at the walking beam, and the robot replaces manual labor to greatly reduce the risk factor.

A new robot labeling system is added to complete the automatic labeling of steel coils. The robotic plate and roll labeling system is a fully automatic high-tech product with advanced technology reaching the level of similar foreign products. It can fully meet the needs of plate and roll labeling operations, and can automatically mark and label according to program settings. The labeling robot is composed of a 6-DOF robot and a servo controller, which can flexibly adjust the posture and complete the inner and outer diameter labeling operations of the coil. According to the actual inspection of the coil labeling area of the cold rolling company, the labeling area is shown in the following figure.

Steel coil automatic labeling robot

Design Conditions

Equipment Name


Technical Specification

Automatic Labeling Robot System

Label position

The sticking positions are respectively at the 6 o’clock position and the 4 o’clock direction of the inner ring, and the label is attached at a position 100mm away from the edge, and the label roll number information is toward the operation side.

Label size


Label content

Roll number, weight, barcode (1D or 2D)、

Specification, date, time, format, team, etc.

Information Check

After labeling, the label barcode is automatically read for correctness

Working modes

With manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation modes

Working cycle



Install guardrails and alarm indicators around the equipment

Equipment function and technical parameters

3.1 Main technical functions

1) The protective device is designed according to the environmental conditions of the cold-rolled color-coated area, with extremely high reliability and extremely low maintenance rate;

2) The system provides automatic positioning function, which can automatically locate the steel coil and identify the diameter and end face position of the steel coil. At the same time, the number of marked products can be counted, and the operation of the system can be monitored in real time. It has the function of early warning and prompting of low consumables remaining and system abnormalities. It replaces manual labeling operations, reduces the labor intensity of operators, and effectively avoids unsafe operations for operators. Reduce the problem of inconsistent labeling by operators;

3) Multiple detection and protection measures can fully avoid equipment damage caused by equipment failure and human operation, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.

4) High efficiency can meet the on-site 40S minutes/time frequency (customizable by users)

3.2 The main technical parameters

Assessment Data


Labeling pass rate


Equipment operation stability rate


PC running stability rate


Print complete rate


Print resolution



System composition

The steel coil automatic labeling robot system mainly completes the labeling function of the end face of the steel coil. It consists of the following parts: labeling robot, bar code generation system, label printing positioning device, labeling head system, laser detection system, safety protection system, etc. The barcode printer automatically prints the label according to the system steel coil data information, and the labeling process does not require manual intervention. A touch screen is installed on the robot fence, and the touch screen is used to set system parameters, which is convenient for on-site maintenance when the fault is handled locally. The touch screen will display the parameters of the coil corresponding to the current label.

Steel coil automatic labeling robot

1) The system design uses a six-axis industrial robot as the action platform, which can achieve the function of free sampling from multiple angles. The system is equipped with domestic and foreign first-line brand robots.

2) The printer used in this system is the seller’s special label printer, and the imported Zebra brand printer is selected, with stable performance, fast printing speed and low failure rate. The printer can work stably in harsh environments, has a high-precision print head, and has a print head self-check function, which can detect whether the needle is broken, avoiding unnecessary waste. It can communicate with production line data, and can be configured for various applications, and can realize the printing of ordinary numbers, letters and ASCII codes, one-dimensional codes, and two-dimensional codes.

3) Robot labeling head device: The device is composed of a vacuum suction mechanism, a positioning sensor, and a spray gun device system. The label is sucked by the principle of vacuum. When sticking to the surface of the inner and outer coils of the steel coil, a spring is added to the suction device to ensure that the force is appropriate. Then the robot moves downward and compacts the surface of the label, so as to firm the sucked label. glued to the surface of the steel coil.

4) The robot uses Siemens 1500 as the main controller, uses PROFIBUS-DP communication internally, communicates with the unit through PROFINET, and performs interlocking control through hard-wired IO.

5) Vision system: including 3D vision camera, mounting frame, etc.

6) The control cabinet and robot are equipped with high temperature and dust protection systems, which can effectively prevent the impact of high temperature and dust on the system.

7) Labeling management machine: A robot equipment management machine is placed in the exit operation room, which is an industrial computer with a liquid crystal display. Operators and equipment maintenance personnel can intuitively monitor the running status of the entire equipment through the operation monitoring interface, perform fault inquiry, parameter setting and other work.

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