Intelligent Uniaxial Caliper

Uniaxial Caliper

Measuring principle

Measuring principle

Arrangement of the measuring head

Arrangement of the measuring head

Application range

The equipment can be used for online outer diameter detection of low-temperature rolled pipes, straight seam welded pipes, cold drawn bars, silver bright bars, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, wires, cables and other products.


Technical parameters

(there is also a single-axis large-range calliper for measuring products with a size greater than 90mm)

Model Measuring range (MM) Rolled material diameter (MM) Measurement accuracy (MM) Repeatability (MM) Measurement frequency (Hz) Dimensions (MM) (L*W*H) Weight (KG)
JG01/Z-DG15 0-15 0.1-10 ±0.003 0.002 2000 480*130*160 6.5
JG01/Z-DG40 0-40 0.1-30 ±0.005 0.005 2000 590*130*200 10
JG01/Z-DG70 0-70 1-55 ±0.015 0.005 2000 780*155*215 25


Brief description of functions

High-precision CCD chip;

Support 4G SIM card

Real-time measurement: the real-time display of measured values, data refresh 1~10 times per second can be set;

Data storage function;

Mobile APP remote monitoring;

Mobile APP warranty function;

Wireless communication function;

PID control: Real-time feedback to realize closed-loop control of industrial sites;

Advance preset of multiple product parameters;

Out-of-tolerance alarm: According to the set product-related parameters, the sound and light alarm will be realized when the product measurement value is out of tolerance;

Data output: The measurement results can be output in real-time through analogue (voltage or current optional) or digital (RS422 or 485 optional) to realize field device network connection;

Peripheral output: data can be displayed in different places by connecting an external digital tube screen (optional), and connected to a PC through the RS422 interface to realize data display and storage (optional);

Interface form: analog 0~10V, 4~20mA; digital interface RS422/RS485; USB interface

External configuration

Support rod and base: can also be customized according to the measurement site

External display

An optional external digital tube display can be used to observe the measurement data at the remote end


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