Intelligent robot sampling and preparation system in train

train sampling robot

The intelligent robot sampling system is developed based on the current situation of manual sampling of metal concentrates on vehicles, using large industrial robots, intelligent control, precision manufacturing and computer technology. It solves the problem of low efficiency, large errors and many disputes in manual sampling of cars and trains. question.

1. Continuous operation around the clock, completely replacing manual work.

2. Intelligent judgment, national standard sampling, automatic sample preparation, unattended.

3. Small footprint and simple installation.

4. Can be widely used in coal, electric power, non-ferrous metals, cement, chemical industry and other fields.

1) System composition

The system consists of a robot, sampling arm, photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor, controller, embedded intelligent control software, sample packaging machine and system steel structure basic bracket.

2) Technical characteristics

  • Sampling period: 8-10s
  • Protection level: IP67
  • Rated load: 8kg
  • Feeding particle size: <50

3) Functional features

Intelligent judgment

National standard sampling, automatic sample preparation, unattended.

Intelligent sensing

Automatically identify the position of the carriage, automatically load and unload barrels, weigh, package, and record, and the entire process is unattended.

Intelligent software control

The software setting of discharging granularity and reduction ratio subverts the traditional model.

Sampling method

Dynamic or static national standard random sampling. A drilling sampling head is used for metal concentrates. Different materials are automatically replaced with corresponding quick-installation sampling heads. Flexible layout: can be used on the roadside or between roads.

High-quality materials

The system uses a large amount of sanitary grade 304 stainless steel, which is non-stick, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

4)Description of main equipment of the system

Intelligent robot sampling

The material robot sampler system uses a 6-axis industrial robot, plus a 14m (according to site requirements) guide rail to form a 7-axis movement mode. The robot guide rail is set up along the direction of the carriage. The height of the guide rail is basically the same as the height of the carriage, so that sampling can be done at any position in the carriage.

The system automatically identifies the location of the carriage, and users can set sampling rules such as the number of sampling points in the carriage. It has the function of automatically cleaning the sampling head to prevent material adhesion and cross-contamination.

System Design Case

In view of the current situation of manual sampling of current products, after understanding the actual situation on site, the on-site conditions for using an intelligent robot sampling system are fully feasible.

The system is designed for train sampling and no sample preparation.

1. System Configuration

The system uses a 6+1-axis rail-type robot sampling machine to sample materials. When the robot is sampling, it automatically samples according to the materials and puts the collected materials into the packaging position for sample packaging and coding (different on-site requirements have different requirements).

2. Sampling speed

The average single sampling time is <10 seconds. For metal materials, 20–30 points are collected in each compartment, which can be completed within 5 minutes. Normally, it can be completed in 4 minutes.

3. Sampling head

It can be divided into drilling-type and grab-type sampling heads, both of which are made of sanitary-grade smooth stainless steel, making materials less likely to adhere. Each sampling head has a self-cleaning function and is equipped with vibration beating, wind blowing and other methods.

4. System layout

The train sampling system reads the carriage ID number, and the system is placed on the side of the train track.

5. Sample preparation process

The non-ferrous metal materials are concentrates from the mineral processing plant, with small particle sizes, and the samples directly enter the packaging and coding process. (Need to communicate with the site)

6. Structure description

The bracket of the sampling and preparation system is a steel structure, and the sample preparation room and control room are light steel structures, which facilitates early processing in the factory, shortens on-site installation and debugging time, and greatly shortens the construction period.

sampling robot

7. Main economic and technical indicators

Structural type: 6+1 axis guide rail sampling robot;

Robotic arm length: >4.5m, effective stroke: 0~4.5m, three-dimensional space movement;

Sampling method: national standard random sampling or user-defined, covering any position in the carriage, and multiple samples can be collected in each carriage;

Positioning error: <±1mm;

Sampling time (complete the whole process of one-point sampling): ≤10 seconds;

The sampling depth can be customized according to needs, usually 200~1500mm; the weight of a single sample is 0.5~5kg (adjustable);

It has two working modes: automatic and manual, adaptable to various situations;

Each set can replace the manual work of more than 5 people.

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