Intelligent Process Control System Of AI Vision Finishing Platform

Intelligent Process Control System Of AI Vision Finishing Platform


The system adopts a process control system composed of professional visual sensors, artificial intelligence technology, a visual controller, and visual software. It uses multiple cameras to monitor the finishing platform in real-time, automatically realizes the linkage of the entire finishing platform, and finally realizes fully automatic bale-out control. Intelligent vision AI is the key to solving the technical problem of environmental perception and autonomous control of smart factories, and realizing the qualitative change of machine vision from “inspection” to “control”. Machine vision detection and control technology is an intelligent measurement and control technology that uses deep learning algorithms as the core control algorithm and uses machine vision and robotic hands to replace human eyes, human brains, and human hands for detection, measurement, analysis, judgment, and decision-making control. It is an important means of realizing automatic measurement and control with its own visual perception ability, which can meet multiple needs of smart factory environment perception and autonomous control at the same time.

The system can also be linked with the crane system, combined with intelligent crane technology, to realize the unmanned lifting of steel billets, and realize the automatic control of the whole process of tapping operations.

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