Intelligent inspection of coke oven bottom tunnel

1. In this plan, a set of orbital inspection robots are used in the basement corridor and the coke side corridor of a coke oven.

2. Inspection robot inspection route design path extension inspection valve closure, abnormal gas, abnormal sound, equipment surface temperature inspection, instrument data reading, etc., there is no conflict with other staff’s working space and it is safer.

3. Mobile inspection device robots can completely replace inspection workers, conduct reliable inspections, wirelessly charge, collect, store, and transmit on-site image, sound, temperature and other data in real time, and determine whether there are equipment failures and malfunctions by analyzing the data. position, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce labor risks, detect problems in time, avoid the expansion of accidents, and greatly reduce abnormal downtime in the production process; safety education audio and remote command announcements can be played along the line.

4. Use advanced wireless charging, wireless data transmission and other technologies to realize automatic or manual control of the robot on the track, and real-time collection, transmission, storage and analysis of sound, images, CO gas and other parameters throughout the trajectory.

5. The equipment is resistant to high temperatures and dust, has its own lighting camera and exhaust gas temperature control, and automatically runs every reversal. There is equipment running status. It can accurately locate the cock position, and each switch can display relevant information on the L1 system. Interface opening and L1 HIM screen development and camera images uploaded to the centralized video surveillance system for storage and playback.

coke oven, inspection robot

Automatically identify the closed status of the flue and provide abnormal alarm prompts.

The basement strut equipment area corridor is located in the basement below the flue area corridor. The main inspection contents are:
1. The position of the pull bar;
2. Inspect every 20-30 minutes, checking 56 tie-bar positions each time;
3. This area is an explosion-proof area (the type of explosion-proof is to be determined); the on-site situation is as shown in the figure.

Coke oven

Necessity of construction of inspection robot project

The current factory inspection method is to arrange two people per shift to inspect together, using human eyes to observe abnormal conditions and perform maintenance work. Among them, the corridor inspection at the bottom of the coke oven has high working environment temperature, high risk of gas poisoning, and high frequency of operations. For advanced problems, the manual inspection system is increasingly unable to meet the needs of inspection tasks. For example, during night inspections, poor personnel status may lead to missed inspections, false inspections, latent detection of hidden dangers, etc., which will seriously affect the efficiency and quality of operations.

Therefore, in line with the strategy of sustainable development, based on the current operating process and on-site environment, an inspection robot system is designed in the inspection area at the bottom of the coke oven to exchange the inspection status of the cock and exhaust gas switch, and make decisions on abnormal situations. Alarm information prompts to meet inspection requirements. Replacing manual work with the inspection robot system can greatly improve the working environment of workers, reduce labor costs, and ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing factory safety accidents.

1. Use automated equipment to replace manual inspection operations
2. The equipment is suitable for on-site high-temperature, dusty, dark, and explosion-proof working environments;
3. The equipment can detect abnormal conditions and upload them to the control room in time.

Inspection robot implementation content

The PTZ is equipped with a 1080P high-definition camera, which can clearly and accurately identify the readings of the hands, synchronize background imaging without colour difference, and is equipped with an infrared imaging function to achieve real-time temperature monitoring.

Visible Light Imaging

Check whether the silicone of the respirator has changed color; whether the knife switch is in the correct position and locked, and there is no rust, etc.

Infrared Imaging

Detect whether there is heating at each lead joint of the bushing; whether there is heating at the contact, and at the switch cable joint; whether there is heating or sparking at the terminal head, etc.

Visual routine recognition

In windy weather, check the lead wires and whether there are hanging debris; in snowy weather, check the melting of snow and icicles, etc.

visual special recognition

Detect oil leakage, metal corrosion, respirator discoloration, abnormal door closing, cracks, insulator damage, people, people falling to the ground, small animals, foreign objects, etc.

inspection robot
Inspection robot
Historical data report
  • Comprehensive query of multi-device data
  • Data detailed list
  • Customized statistical reports
  • Synchronized comprehensive display of data screens
  • High-definition real-shot images
Inspection robot
Detect alarm data
  • Real-time alarm data display
  • High-definition charts intuitively presented
  • Alarm unhandled reminder
  • Detailed alarm reference data
  • Accurate positioning
Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

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