High temperature thermal imager system for heating furnace

The high temperature infrared thermal imager is a new generation of imaging temperature measurement products inside and outside the furnace developed by our company for the application of heating furnaces. The system has the characteristics of compact structure, strong versatility, stability and reliability, and simple maintenance. It not only achieves the function of imaging in the furnace, but also enables the operator to “visually observe” the condition of the material surface in the furnace. At the same time, real-time temperature measurement can be performed, and the number of measurements can reach 100,000 temperature points. The test data displayed in real time reflects the high or low temperature of the material in the heating furnace, and can accurately measure the temperature of the material in the furnace.


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Main technical indicators

  1. The temperature distribution of the outer wall of the heating furnace can be clearly seen. The traditional temperature measurement can only take the point domain, and no image can be seen.
  2. Real-time temperature measurement of any point on the thermal image with high precision. Other temperature measurement methods can only estimate a small number of luminous points based on brightness, and the error is very large.
  3. The thermal imager has high working stability and can work continuously.
  4. The temperature measurement data can be automatically stored, and can be retrieved and analyzed at any time.
  5. Infrared thermal imaging can give early warning when the local hot spot on the wall exceeds the critical temperature, and the ability to capture hot spots is stronger than the visible light detection of the naked eye.

Equipment composition:

The system consists of a fixed infrared thermal imager installed on site, a high-strength shield, a bracket, a power supply and a transmission control box.

  1. Online thermal imager Equipment parameters:



Technical indicators


Integrated design of infrared lens, detector and controller; infrared image output

Image performance

Infrared image

IR field of view/minimum focal length

90°×70°/ 0.3m(Can be customized according to user requirements)

Temperature measurement range:

-20°C ~  +1600°C

Spatial resolution


Spatial resolution

Less than 0.05℃ at 30℃

digital zoom


detector type

uncooled focal plane



Working wavelength


Thermal response time


Image refresh frequency


image transmission

Video/Network (one line communication: standard network cable output and control)

Focus adjustment method

Automatic/electric/remote control (software realizes remote control)

Video recording

Yes, software implementation (infrared heat map and visible light)

Photo recording

Yes, software implementation (infrared heat map and visible light)

Image display


Image output

Analog: PAL/NTSC (standards need to be preset)

Digital: Real-time network output infrared thermal image

Infrared image synchronous display, synchronous temperature measurement

Click anywhere on the CCD image to display the temperature measured by the thermal imaging camera

Image storage


File Format – Infrared Image

jpg format, with 14bit temperature data, other formats can be converted according to requirements

Infrared image real-time recording/playback

It can realize the recording and playback processing of digital infrared thermal images

Text annotation

Software realization

System status automatic detection


System status automatic detection

It can realize automatic detection of system status, automatic restart after crash and power failure

Power supply system


thermal imager

Input: AC 22V, Output: DC 12V, 5A



Input: AC 22V, Output: AC 24V


Photoelectric converter

Input: AC 22V, Output: DC 5V, 1.2A



Input: AC 22V, Output: DC 12V, 350mA

Environmental parameters


Working temperature


Storage ambient temperature





IP 54

impact resistance

in working:25G

Vibration resistance

in working:2G



100M RJ-45 Ethernet interface(one line communication)

Real-time download of infrared video images containing all temperature data to operate and control remote machines


video output

Analog: PAL/NTSC (standard format needs to be preset, RCA/BNC interface)

Digital: Network (RJ45)

System software working environment


monitor computer

Window operating system, dual-core CPU above 2GHz, memory above 2G, 100M Ethernet card, hard disk above 2T.

High temperature optical imaging lens

Function: The high temperature lens is divided into standard CS/C port and integrated machine extension lens. The extension lens type does not contact the camera and has no mechanical connection. Under the protection of compressed air and probe cover, it can enter the furnace to observe the operation of the workpiece in the furnace and the state of the flame. Etc. The end face adopts sapphire lens, and the front-end pinhole observation port is not easy to be damaged, has good high temperature resistance, and it is more convenient to adjust the size of the aperture remotely. The automatic insertion of the blue \ filter makes the lens have 10,000 times the light control ability, completely neutralizes the strong yellow light emitted in the furnace, and restores the real image in the furnace.

technical parameter:



Relative aperture:1∶3.5

Object distance:0.5 ~ ∞(定焦点)

Field of view: Diagonal 60-110° Horizontal 48°-90° Vertical: 36°-60°

Focal length: 2.5-10mm

Aperture control: remote electric control (optional)

Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ +400℃

Aperture range: F1.2 ~ F360

Automatic light compensation: 1:10000

Metering method: Through the setting of the ALC potentiometer, the input signal can be detected at any position from the average value (AV) to the peak value (PK).

Input signal: video signal or full TV signal

Sensitivity adjustment: The video signal level is 0.5~1.0Vp-p through the height of the LEVEL potentiometer

Input Impedance: High Impedance

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