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High Speed Wire Rod PF Line Hook Number Recognition System

With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing, and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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High Speed Wire Rod PF Line Hook Number Recognition System High Speed Wire Rod


The speed wire rod PF line hook number recognition system equipment occupies a very important position in the material tracking system. In wire production, both PF wire and monorail wire must use a “C” shaped hook. Each “C” shaped hook has a unique hook number. In order to automatically identify the hook number, we adopt the machine vision recognition method, high-definition cameras are installed in two positions of the reel translation trolley and the electronic scale, and the system host can automatically identify the hook number, realize weigh and automatically collect the hook number into the system, and in P/ F-chain column device hook number online automatic scanning collection equipment after the weighing body rises in place, the hook number is automatically scanned, and transmitted to the hook number column of the printing program page to realize automatic printing of signs.



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