Forging And Stamping Robot


Due to high temperatures, dust pollution, and noise, the forging workshop has become one of the harsher production environments today. After adopting a six-axis robot, the work processes such as blank grasping, forging parts turning, and workpiece reordering can be completed according to the program. After replacing human labour with robots, it can improve working conditions, ensure personal safety, reduce labour savings, improve production efficiency, and reduce safety risks.

Flexible automation forging line transformation’s main purpose is to guarantee product quality and stability, improve working conditions, improve labour productivity and reduce production cost, can be widely used in the forging industry, and automation of the design of the torch of science and technology development co., LTD. Jinan forging production line, advanced performance, stable and reliable work, can create considerable economic benefits for the enterprise,  This project after modification can provide well for subsequent full automatic production workshop, the basis of the forging production line of the heating furnace, can be roll forging machine, the main pressure machine, trimming machine, precision machine, conveying the car together, according to the technological process of the production line, complete the configuration of the device and the equipment layout, and between our company independent research and development of manipulator and omnidirectional mobile platform,  Automatic loading and unloading of workpiece and logistics system, also can use all imported robots to achieve automatic loading and unloading and logistics system.  Make production line automatic operation coordinated, smooth and efficient control and management.

Forging Robot











Production process




Material length




Actuation time


Within 1s


Working area temperature



  • The robot can clamp, transport, position and flip hot materials.  
  • The whole operation cycle of the robot is fully automatic。
  • There should be protective measures around the robot platform to ensure that the system is not affected by other factors when working. Once the protective door is opened, the mechanical arm should stop running to ensure the safety of people entering the protected operation area.  
  • Interlocking with the forging press
  • Protective devices are designed for working area environmental conditions, with high reliability and very low maintenance rate.  
  • Multiple detection and protection measures, fully avoid equipment damage caused by equipment failure, human operation and other reasons, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency.  
  • High efficiency can meet the field frequency (users can customize)





Inspection equipment/standards


Working time


Within 15 days


Equipment failure rate

Less than 1%


Complete sets of equipment including industrial robot six-axis (round steel grab forging), industrial six-axis robot (forging after fetching material feeding), the robot base, robot control cabinet (including teaching), clamp sleeve device and PLC control cabinet, site operation plate, security fence, door lock and alarm lamp, visual guide system, heat preservation device, protection system and other modules.  

  • The system design adopts six-axis industrial robot as the action platform, which can achieve the function of multi-angle free sampling. The system is equipped with domestic and foreign first-line brand robots.  
  • The clamping device is equipped with a clamp, which is installed on the robot flannel plate. It can pick up the sample and do different actions at the same time.  
  • The movable guideway mechanism is driven by servo motor, driven by rack and pinion, and fixed with the ground by chemical bolts.  The robot is mounted on a moving guide rail to increase the working space of the robot.  
  • The robot adopts Siemens 1500 as the main controller, proFIBUS-DP communication is adopted internally, PROFINET communication is adopted between the robot and the unit, and interlocking control is carried out through hard line IO mode.  
  • Vision system: including 3D vision camera, high resolution CCD camera and imaging light source system.  
  • Control cabinet and machine are equipped with high temperature and dust protection system, which can effectively prevent the impact of high temperature and dust on the system. 
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