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Forging And Stamping Robot

With machine vision as the core, DBM can provide intelligent equipment R&D, manufacturing, and transformation services such as unmanned factories in the metallurgical industry and other industries, machine vision, and robot application design.

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Forging And Stamping Robot Forging Robot


Due to high temperatures, dust pollution, and noise, the forging workshop has become one of the harsher production environments today. After adopting a six-axis robot, the work processes such as blank grasping, forging parts turning, and workpiece reordering can be completed according to the program. After replacing human labour with robots, it can improve working conditions, ensure personal safety, reduce labour savings, improve production efficiency, and reduce safety risks.



Metallurgical Intelligence
Change the way of manufacturing

Save labor, improve working environment, improve efficiency, reduce error rate and save cost!

Металлургический интеллект
Изменить способ производства

Сэкономьте труд, улучшите рабочую среду, повысьте эффективность, уменьшите количество ошибок и снизьте затраты!