Rebar double-end sawing machine


Automatic Bar Sawing Machine

1. Functions

The bar can be automatically cut according to the requirements of the site. The length of the cutting bar can be adjusted from 550-650mm, and the diameter of the bar is 12-50mm. This machine can ensure that the horizontal error of the sample preparation end surface is ≤0.1mm.

Equipped with an emergency stop button, the device can complete all operations with a one-button start.



2. Equipment Advantages:

1) Sampling rods with equal length and high section requirements can be produced in a targeted manner

2) It can replace manual repetitive mechanical operations, greatly reducing personnel operations and improving production efficiency

3) Ensure that the horizontal error of the sample preparation end surface is ≤0.1

4) Equipped with emergency stop button, one-key cutting function

5) Product size can be customized

6) High cutting precision, convenient operation, and high production efficiency

7) Sawing accuracy can reach 99%

8) Effectively reduce the problem of sparks and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents

9) The cutting speed can be set,

10) The replacement parts are flexible, with quick pins, which can quickly replace parts


Round steel sawing effect diagramRound steel sawing effect diagram


And this machine can be used with our automatic bar sampling robot.


3. Uses Of  The Automatic Bar Sawing Machine

After the bar is put into the V-shaped seat manually or by a robot, the locking system of the automatic sawing machine will automatically tighten the bar by rotating the cylinder and pressing down after the rotation. The action of the electric cylinder system uses the principle of leverage to make the cutting machine automatically follow the setting. After the bar is cut, the excess waste can automatically fall into the collection system. The collection system is equipped with a Fuma wheel and a hole that can be hoisted. The collection system can store 2T waste, which significantly prolongs the time for dumping the garbage.


automatic steel bar cutting machine 4. Application

The automatic sawing machine can replace manual and repeated mechanical operations. The mechanical operation of workers will inevitably occur. The automatic sawing machine greatly avoids safety accidents. When manual sawing is performed, sparks fly, which is very prone to safety accidents. Mechanical sawing When the cutting machine is working, workers can stay away from the automatic sawing machine to avoid safety accidents. In addition, when the automatic sawing machine cuts bars, the range of sparks can be effectively reduced.


5. Application background

When sampling for bar manufacturers, when there are requirements for the end face and cut length of the bar, sampling bars with equal length and high section requirements can be produced in a targeted manner.



6. Mechanical features


automatic rebar cutting machine

1) The main body of the device

The main body comprises the skeleton, electric cylinder system, sawing system, locking system, and other parts.

2) Control panel

The control panel adopts advanced screen technology, which can be operated more intuitively and clearly.


3) Floating table

The floating table can be set according to the actual requirements to cut the length of the bar


4) Electric cylinder system

The electric cylinder system adopts a professionally customized electric cylinder, greatly increasing the service life and reducing the failure rate.


5) Sawing system

The sawing system adopts advanced programming procedures, which can effectively speed up the efficiency of cutting bars and make the cutting section smooth.


6) Locking system

The bar system can automatically clamp the bar after the bar is placed so that the bar does not shake and prevents the cutting machine blade from collapsing.


7) Collection hopper

Collecting waste is convenient for workers to quickly dispose of waste, avoiding the trouble of frequent removal of waste.


7. Dimensions of the automatic sawing machine body

Equipment length: 2000mm
Width: 1000mm
Height: 1200mm
Product weight: 400kg
Working voltage Voltage: 220v;
According to cutting machine power: 7000w;
Need air source pressure: 1Mpa


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